emoji mashup bot featured

Emoji Mashup Bot Combines Existing Emojis to Come up with Hilarious Hybrids

emoji mashup bot featured

Emojis have evolved to be one of the most efficient mediums to express one’s feelings without being elaborate in texts. While new emojis are being added every year, a Twitter bot named Emoji Mashup Bot mixes and matches the existing emojis to create interesting emojis which never existed before.

Emoji Mashup Bot is developed by student developer Louan Ben. The process used by the bot is as follows. Firstly, the bot randomly chooses two emojis. These two emojis are classified into four parts namely base, eyes, mouth, and detail.

After the classification is done, few criteria are taken into consideration. If the selected emojis have different bases, the eyes are chosen from the first emoji and the base is selected from the second emoji.

On the other hand, if the emojis have the same base, the eyes are chosen from the first emoji and the mouth is taken from the second emoji. Also, if the first emoji has a special(unique design element) base and the second emoji has the default base, the bot will choose the base from the second emoji.

The selection of detail will depend on the second emoji. The detail of the first emoji will be considered only if the second emoji lacks detail. If neither of them has the detail part, the new emoji will not have it too.

These categorized emoji components are then merged using Processing that generates the image with the super cool hybrid emoji. The bot posts a new emoji every hour, so check out the bot here and let us know your favorite ones in the comments.

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