5 Cool AI Experiments You Should Definitely Try

Google does a lot of cool stuff, and it makes a lot of its cool stuff available online for anyone to use, and modify. I’m talking about Google’s AI research. Back in November of 2016, Google launched a website dedicated to all the cool things that people were doing with AI, and machine learning. There are some really great projects on the website, and in this article, I will tell you about 5 of the coolest AI Experiments that you should definitely try.

1. Thing Translator

Thing Translator is quite simply the most useful AI Experiment hosted on the website. What this experiment does, is when you take a picture with the Thing Translator, it tells you what it sees, as well as a translation in a different language. You can click on the language’s name, to choose the language you want the translation to be in. The experiment doesn’t work 100% of the time, but that is exactly why it is called an AI Experiment. However, it does come pretty close, almost all the time, and you should definitely give it a shot, and see how well machine learning can identify objects.


Try it out heresource code

2. Giorgio Cam

Giorgio Cam is an AI powered camera, that can recognize objects that you take pictures of, and then it makes music with it. So, you could point your mobile at some fruits, and take a picture using Giorgio Cam, and it will try and recognize what it sees, and rap about it. It’s definitely a fun AI experiment that you’ll love using. Obviously, the experiment in and of itself doesn’t have any real-life usages. However, the technology that goes behind this, does show how good machines have become at recognizing objects that they see. It really is amazing.


Try it out here | source code

3. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is an addictive AI based drawing experiment – one which will definitely keep you playing for quite some time. In this experiment, you are supposed to doodle on the screen, while the AI powered back-end tries to figure out what you’re doodling. It is definitely quite good, and it works very well. It was easily able to figure out 4 out of 6 doodles that I made, which is pretty good considering how bad I am at drawing.



Try it out here

4. The Infinite Drum Machine

The Infinite Drum Machine is another fun AI experiment that you should check out. The interesting thing about this experiment, is that the computer was given only given the audio, without any tags or descriptions; and using a technique called t-SNE, it was able to automatically arrange the sounds in a way that similar sounds got grouped together. You can move around and place the “drum loops” anywhere in the map, and adjust the drum sequencer to make beats from it. It’s a lot of fun.


Try it out here | source code

5. Handwriting with a Neural Net

Handwriting with a Neural Net is a very intriguing AI experiment. You simply handwrite a letter on the screen, and the neural net-powered backend tries to create a stroke based on how you’re writing. This is may not be one of the more “fun-oriented” experiments, but it is very intriguing, and you can read the text below the experiment to learn how it works, and more stuff about it.


Try it out here | source code

AI has been implemented in numerous ways, and is all around us. There has been quite a lot of improvement in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is being used in a variety of fields, to improve efficiency, and provide easier ways to do things. You can check out our article on some examples of AI to learn more about how AI is being used.

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Check Out These Cool AI Experiments

AI Experiments are a fun way of understanding how AI works, and seeing it in action. There is no doubt that neural networks are getting better and better at understanding what they see, and as a result, our devices are getting better at recognizing objects around them. There is a lot of great stuff that can be done with AI, and smart assistants & robots are just the beginning of what a well functioning AI can do. I mean, wouldn’t we all want a Jarvis like assistant in our homes?

As always, do share your thoughts about AI experiments and the cool things you think we can do with AI. Also, if you know of any other experiments that we should cover, drop us a line in the comments section below.

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