CMF Phone 1 Misses out on the One Trick That Swayed Nothing Users

In Short
  • The CMF Phone 1 has a swappable back panel, allowing you to switch between different colored back panels.
  • The company should have also released a transparent back panel, along with the colored ones to showcase the phone's design.
  • CMF should take inspiration from its patent company Nothing and bring this option as a community edition exclusive in the future.

CMF Phone 1, the first budget phone from Nothing’s sub-brand, has finally launched and its stand-out feature is the swappable back panel. Users can swap the original back panel with new back covers in different colors, such as Orange and Blue, offering a level of personalization we don’t see often in smartphones anymore.

But, there is a glaring omission of a transparent back in the available lineup of covers. I feel this is a missed opportunity by CMF, and they should consider making one. Here’s why.

The Allure of Transparency

CMF Phone 1 without Back Panel

Your phone is a complicated device, and the transparency gives you a glimpse of the intricate inner workings of it, offering a unique aesthetic. Not to forget, it looks cool and futuristic.

I have used the CMF Phone 1 (review) for around a week, and it doesn’t look bad without the back cover on. A transparent back panel option would help to highlight and showcase its internals. Plus, it doesn’t have to be completely transparent, the camera bump and the dial can still be a solid dark greyish color to match the black interiors.

Nothing Wrong with a Little Inspiration

Now I know that CMF is not Nothing. It is a budget-oriented sub-brand with its own identity and one that likes to play around with colors. From the beginning, they are using that bright shade of orange to differentiate their brand from their parent’s drab white and black aesthetic. CMF wants the buyers to know that it’s chic, I get it.

But it’s not like it’s a different company altogether. You’re a part of Nothing afterall. So, why not go talk to the Nothing Phone team and borrow some things like the transparent plastic back recipe of the Phone 2a? Other brands often do the same so it wouldn’t be wrong for CMF to take inspiration from Nothing and release a transparent back panel.

Just Do It for the Community

After the launch of the Nothing Phone 2a, the company that usually goes with a monochrome color theme for its phone went ahead and released a completely blue version of the phone. There’s even a special edition with red, blue, and yellow highlights (see below). And let’s not forget the upcoming Community Edition of the Phone 2a with a neon strip on the rear.

Nothing Phone 2a Special Edition Brings a Hidden Theme

So, it wouldn’t be wrong of CMF to take the road less traveled this one time and make a transparent back cover, a departure from their current flashy color options. They could release it as a community edition for those who want the Nothing Phone look at a budget.

Remember watching videos of YouTuber JerryRigEverything, where he would scrape the back glass of a phone to make it transparent? People love these mods, and when you’ve developed a phone with a swappable back panel, it wouldn’t hurt to provide a transparent option. Hopefully, either CMF or a third-party manufacturer will come out with a transparent back cover to let buyers flaunt the Phone 1’s inner design. I know I’m going to be the first buyer if they do.

What do you think about this? Would like to see a transparent back cover for the CMF Phone 1? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Moreover, check out a complete list of CMF Phone 1 accessories and a handy guide to changing the back panels.

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