List of All CMF Phone 1 Accessories

The CMF Phone 1 is here, and it comes with an innovative back design letting you customize the phone with different color panels, but that’s not all. It also allows you to attach some interesting and useful accessories released alongside the phone. So, let’s look at all the available accessories for the CMF Phone 1 (review), and who knows, you might even decide to buy one for yourself.

1. CMF Replaceable Back Cover

Firstly, let’s talk about the accessory that makes the CMF Phone 1 stand out from the crowd, and those are the additional back panels.

CMF has released a suite of different replaceable cases for the phone. These cases come in four different color options, which match the aesthetics of the handset and the phone also features matching wallpapers for it.

CMF Phone 1 Cases

The Black and Light Green panels boast a plasticy matte finish, while the Orange and Blue panels have a vegan leather finish. We have a dedicated guide on how to change the CMF Phone 1 back panel with ease, so follow it once you get your hands on the phone.

2. CMF Card Case

The cardholder accessory lets you attach a plastic sleeve at the back of your CMF Phone, just like you see with Magsafe wallets and iPhones. However, there is a twist.

Since the phone doesn’t feature any built-in magnets, neither does the card case itself, so you will first need to screw in a magnetic plate at the back of the phone which comes with the case to attach it.

CMF Phone 1 Card Case Complete Look

It also comes with longer screws that you will need to attach the plate to the phone. This not only adds to the thickness of the CMF Phone 1 but also makes it difficult to hold it. The magnets on the hand are pretty strong, so you shouldn’t worry about the case falling off easily.

The card case itself is made up of plastic with a soft leather-like finish to the back. It also has a magnetic lid to prevent your cards or cash from slipping out. The case is pretty decent, and I hope that CMF releases some more accessories that can utilize the magnetic back plate in the future.

3. CMF Lanyard Cable

Next is the lanyard cable accessory. Like the card case, it also has two different pieces but is fairly easy to attach to the phone. You can adjust the length of the lanyard using the contraption on the cable itself. However, I don’t think cable is the right word to use here as it is essentially a long neon orange rope, that you can put on like a satchel.

CMF Phone Lanyard

I believe this accessory is ideal for those buying the CMF Phone 1 for their parents; as they can often misplace their phones. It removes the worry of losing your phone as long as you have the lanyard on you. Plus, between this and the CMF Buds (review), I like that the brand is bringing back lanyards.

4. CMF Phone Stand

The phone stand is by far my favorite accessory for the CMF Phone 1. It is a collapsible stand with a circular dial at the end that you can screw into the phone to attach it. The stand is made up of good quality plastic, though I am not a fan of the bright orange color. The hinge on the stand also feels sturdy enough that it shouldn’t get lost any time soon.

CMF Phone 1 Stand Orientation

You can rotate the stand to use it in both landscape and portrait orientation. Plus, you can also use it alongside the card case accessory as the back plate leaves enough room at the bottom where the stand sits comfortably.

Like the lanyard cable, you will need to unscrew the dial and screw in the base to attach it to the CMF Phone 1.

5. CMF 33W Fast Charger

Since the CMF Phone 1 doesn’t come with the charger in the box, you can get this charging adapter separately. This is the official CMF adapter with a USB-C port at the back but does not come with a cable since it is supplied with the phone as part of a bundle.

CMF Fast Charger

It supports up to 33W fast charging so it should be able to charge the CMF Phone 1 to 50% in 20 minutes and 100% in an hour, which is pretty good speed. Overall, the charger itself is a plain white brick that looks clean and has minimal appeal.

These are all the accessories that have been launched with the CMF Phone 1. I like that the brand has brought modularity to a budget-friendly phone, and my only hope is that we get to see more accessories for the device later down the line. What do you think about these accessories? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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