Latest Chrome Update Makes Search Suggestions More Helpful

Google adds improved suggestions to Chrome
In Short
  • Search in Chrome will now show search queries based on what you have searched for and suggestions based on what other people have been looking for.
  • It will also show image thumbnails next to suggestions in Chrome for Android and iOS.
  • Now you will see suggestions even if you have slow internet and are in Incognito mode.

If you use the Chrome browser with the default Google search engine, then today’s Chrome update will make your search experience a whole lot better. Google search in Chrome will now suggest queries based on your previous searches and contain suggestions based on what other people are searching for.

In the blog post shared by Google, they displayed an example where someone searched for japchae, which is a Korean noodle dish, the search suggestions also showed other Korean dishes that people might have looked up along with images for the dish next to the suggested queries.

Image Courtesy: Google

Besides this, Chrome on Android and iOS will show images for suggested items related to your query. Let’s say you are looking for “a minimalistic lamp” in Search. In suggestions, you will see thumbnails for other minimalistic house items.

As shown in the screenshot below, searching for “bohemian table” surfaced suggestions for other bohemian-themed items with a thumbnail next to them.

Image Courtesy: Google

With this update, Google aims to make sure that you can get search suggestions even if you have bad internet, thanks to “improved on-device capabilities.” According to The Verge, with this update, the Chrome browser will download a read-only model to the user directory.

This way, Chrome can serve your suggestions even if you have poor connectivity. These also work in Incognito mode.

We tried to get these new suggestions and features working for ourselves on Chrome stable and beta browsers. But they are not working for us at the moment. We assume that it will be gradually rolled out to more users.

Google wants to keep you hooked to its search engine by taking the effort out of thinking about what you want to search for. And I don’t really mind more thumbnails for my searches as they could help me narrow down my results quicker. What are your thoughts about these features and how can they prove to be beneficial for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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