Chrome OS 64 Begins Rolling out with Screenshot Shortcut, App Updates and More

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Google seems to be pushing the Chrome OS 64 update on the stable channel. The same has been confirmed by the Chrome Release Blog, where they have also listed the new features. The update has recently started hitting some devices, and it is expected that it will make its way to more devices soon.

The new Chrome OS 64 comes with a plethora of Android app-related improvements; however, the most noteworthy feature is the screenshot shortcut. The new screenshot shortcut on the convertible Chrome OS devices is inspired by Android, and it is quite convenient while using the device in tablet mode. You can quickly capture a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down button.

Talking about the Android app-related improvements, the release notes reveal a bunch of new features such as revamped Intent Picker, VPN for Play apps, etc. On the security side of things, the update brings enhancements to the protected media pipeline for Android. The update also adds some additional browser mitigations against vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Google also notes that the Lockscreen Performance has been improved as well.

While there were speculations about the ability to run in the background, this new version of Chrome includes a flag to easily enable a “Split view” feature. The convertible devices will hugely benefit from this feature.

Apart from all these features, there are a bunch of browser improvements as well. Chrome OS 64 includes an improved pop-up blocker to prevent sites with abusive experiences. The browser can now block third-party iFrames, thereby stopping malicious auto-redirects. There is a setting for sitewide auto-muting, which is a welcome addition.

While some devices have started receiving the new update, it looks like a slow roll out, and you may have to wait sometime before the update reaches your Chromebook.

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