Chrome and Firefox Now Alert You If Your Saved Passwords Get Compromised

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Popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox got their latest updates earlier this week. One of the features given importance in both the web browsers is the native data breach detection service that notifies you whenever your saved passwords get compromised in a data breach.

Firefox has followed a straightforward approach by integrating its Lockwise password management tool to the stable version of the web browser. Now, the browser will automatically let you know whenever a password breach happens in any of your saved passwords.

Chrome, on the other hand, seems to be not ready to enable the feature by default. You can, however, enable the feature by toggling a Chrome flag. To enable it right now, paste the following address in your Chrome’s address bar and turn it on.


After a browser restart, the feature will be enabled on your Chrome browser. You can turn off the feature anytime you want from the Passwords section of Chrome as you can see below, eliminating the need to use the Chrome flag again.

Chrome and Firefox Now Alert You If Your Saved Passwords Get Compromised

While I’m not sure why Chrome didn’t enable such a useful feature by default, it is more likely to be enabled on the next release of Chrome. In case you are not comfortable with saving passwords in web browsers, check out our list of the best password managers you could use in 2019 here.

I would recommend you to turn on the feature if you use the built-in password management feature in Chrome or Firefox as the number of data breaches are increasing every day.

So, how do you manage your passwords? Tell us in the comments.

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