7 Black Friday Deals on Smart TVs You Should Check Out (2016)

Black Friday is here, and it means that you’re about to get deals that will leave you drooling for more. There are deals on everything, from GoPro cameras, to anything else you might want to buy! So, if you’re looking to score a great 4K smart TV, or even if you’re looking for a great Full HD smart TV, here are the 7 best Black Friday deals that you must check out to get more for your bucks:

NoteWhile most of these deals do not mention any end-date, chances are they’ll only be available till Cyber Monday, so get your hands on these ASAP!

1. Walmart: Samsung 65″ 4K Smart TV at $897.99

This is by far the best deal on a 4K TV this year. Walmart is offering this gigantic 65″ 4K Smart TV from Samsung at a price of $897.99. That is a whopping $1002 drop from the regular price of $1899! If super sized TVs are your thing, then you should definitely not miss out on this great deal from Walmart.


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2. Target: Samsung 60″ 4K Smart TV at $697.99

Another great price drop on a gigantic TV, is being offered by Target. They’re selling the Samsung 60″ 4K Smart TV at a price of $697.99, which is almost $800 lower than its regular price ($1499).

This deal ends on Sunday, so hurry up.

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3. Best Buy: LG 60″ 4K Smart TV at $599

With Target and Walmart offering such great deals on 4K Smart TVs, Best Buy obviously didn’t back down. They’re offering the giant 60″ 4K Smart TV from LG, at a price of $599, which is a $400 price drop from its regular price of $999.

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4. Best Buy: Sony 55″ 4K Smart TV at $899

Another great deal from Best Buy – they’re offering the 55″ Sony 4K Smart TV, at a price of $899. The regular price of this TV is $1199, so you’re getting a flat $300 drop on the price.

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5. Amazon: Samsung 49″ 4K Smart TV at $647.99

Amazon also has some great Black Friday deals going on, on everything from TVs to laptops, mobiles, and much more. This deal from Amazon is offering the 49″ Samsung 4K Smart TV at $647.99, which is $250 less than its regular price of $897.99.

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6. Target: LG 43″ 1080p Full HD Smart TV at $249.99

If you’re not looking for 4K screens, but would rather get a Full HD panel, then this deal from Target has you covered. They’re offering this 43″ Full HD Smart TV from LG, at a price of $249. That’s $100 less than its regular price of $349.

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7. Best Buy: Samsung 40″ 1080p Full HD Smart TV at $247.99

Another good deal on Full HD Smart TVs is being offered by Best Buy. You can get a 40″, Full HD display from Samsung, at a price ($247.99) that is $80 lesser than its regular selling price ($329.99). It’s a great deal for anyone looking for a good quality Full HD Smart TV for their home.

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Save Money on your Next Smart TV with these Black Friday Deals

These were some of the best deals on Smart TVs, that you can check out on this Black Friday. These deals are sure to save you a ton of money, while getting you some of the best Smart TVs that are available these days, including ones from Sony, Samsung, and LG. So, what are you planning on buying this Black Friday weekend, and where from? Do let us know about it in the comments section below.

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