Top 10 Best iPhone Spy Apps in 2015

It’s something that hangs over your head every other day.

Big Brother is watching your every move.

The advancements in global positioning systems have brought significant improvements in iPhone spy apps: apps that will track and monitor your every activity.

You’ve probably seen hyped up headlines across the internet – ‘iPhone spy apps to expose your boyfriend or ‘catch your cheating wife with spy iPhone software.’ Sounds great, but spy apps for iPhone serve a much greater purpose.

Why do you need spy apps?

Many spy apps are designed to serve a meaningful purpose: to keep children safe from potential predators, to keep tabs on ailing parents, or to help find a lost or stolen device. iPhone spy cell tracking software puts you back in control to be an effective hand-on parent, caretaker, and device owner.

With features such real time GPS tracking and monitoring available, you’ll have a 24/7 window into a child, parent or a thieves’ world. This will enable you to find out what is really happening behind your back. See what’s being discussed, what’s happening to your device, what’s being shared and get all the answers you need.

Is it legal to install these apps?

These apps may raise legal questions. Through advertised as covert spy tools, they can’t be used legally in many ways. Most apps include a ‘disclaimer’ that the developer/company will assume no responsibility for any activities carried out by the user that may not abide by the laws in his/her country, which imply that you are solely responsible for misuse, or damage caused due to using a spy app.

It is a criminal offence to breach someone’s privacy in most countries. So if you plan to spy on your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, you can’t do it legally. Such practices are most likely disallowed and deemed illegal.

That said, it is perfectly legal to use these apps to ensure the safety of family and children. The monitoring and tracking functionality can be used by businesses to ensure company vehicles stay on route, and the same goes for tracking productivity of employees. Any legitimate use of a spy app comes under the legal category.

With that under consideration, here are top 10 spy apps iPhone owners can install and use:

1. Secret Voice

A voice-recording app with a built-in web browser. A ‘Black-Screen’ mode, when activated, prevents activity on your iPhone, tuning out any incoming messages or calls. Recordings are secured via a PIN code and can be shared by email. There is also a recovery mode option that recovers accidentally deleted recordings.

Developer: AppMadang

Availability: Paid on App Store

2. Secret Camera

A photo-taking app with no shutter sound. Photos can be set without preview mode. A ‘Spy Mode’ makes the Phone screen look like a web browser, while placing a small thumbnail at the end corner of the Home Screen. With this mode activated, no one will have a clue you are snapping images. Pictures can be protected with a passcode lock and accidentally deleted photos can be recovered through the recovery mode.

Developer: AppMadang

Availability: Paid on App Store

3. Security Cam

A security recording app that secretly captures a video without anyone noticing. The recording starts when activated by sound or motion. The time and date is displayed on the recorded video. The saved files can be emailed through iTunes.

Developer: Crowded Road

Availability: Paid on App Store

4. Contact Spy 

Helps you find more details about your contacts or someone you just met recently. The app collects information from the sites that mention your contact, or uses the thumbnail image of the contact to search more information. It can even provide you the address of your contact if you’re based in the United States.

Developer: Razix Software

Availability: Paid on App Store

5. Find My Kids


Equipped with real-time tracking and sharing function. Uses footprints tracks and shares locations automatically around the clock. Footprints also allow the user to create Geo-fences, like the kids school, and be alerted when these fences are crossed. Movement sensors notify you when your kids are on the move.

Developer: Sollico Software

Availability: Free on App Store

6. GPS Location Tracker – Standard

Tracks location of an iOS device. Install it on a device you want to track: the app records the locations (Cellular, WiFi, or GPS) periodically and uploads to a secured server. The app can be used to follow whereabouts of family members, employees or children. Additionally, you can find your stolen or lost device.

Developer: FollowMee LLC

Availability: Paid on App Store

7. ReconBot

Turns your iPhone into a spy device with powerful video, audio and image-taking capabilities. You can schedule recordings to happen at a specific time. The map feature lets you know exactly where the recordings took place with GPS tagging. The user can give meaningful notes to audio clips, photos and videos, as well as crop and compress photos and videos.

Developer: Fossil Software

Availability: Paid on App Store

8. Spy Kit

Has a plethora of spy tools, including ‘stealth camera’ to secretly take images, ‘bug’ to secretly record sounds, ‘intruder alert’ to notify when your device is touched, and ‘zoom cam’ to get a closer look at a subject. All recordings and videos are placed in the secret built-in vault. The app is compatible with iOS 8.

Developer: Criswar Productions Inc.

Availability: Paid on App Store

9. Phone Tracker for iPhones

Track the location of another iPhone users. Indicate his/her movements during the last 24 hours with internet mapping and GPS functionality. Permanent based system enables/denies other iPhone users to follow you. The app does the tracking in the background, and does not have to be active to function.

Developer: Cell Phone Solutions, LLC

Availability: Free on App Store

10. Spy Gizmos

Provides a secure and fun way to communicate with peers. The app can be used to send coded messages to your friends, and those who receive the message can use this app to find out what is written. The ‘Morse’ code makes the app transmit the flash or sound of the iPhone screen block and white so people around can hear the message.

Developer: Peter Allday

Availability: Free on App Store

Over to you

How you use these apps will probably vary on your preferences, but i hope this post has at least given you the working knowledge of the legal use of spy apps.

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