Best Roku Channels of 2015 For Movies, Music, News, Sports And Kids is an online streaming service founded by Anthony Wood in 2002 and since then, it has been providing its users a very complete and enriching video streaming experience. are market leaders in Internet streaming industry and on a streak to achieve even more success. They believe that anything that you want to watch, listen or enjoy should be made available on your TV, irrespective of time and place. And that’s what they exactly do. On, there are variety of places that can provide you with awesome content on wide variety of topics. From Entertainment to Education, Weather Forecast to Global News and from Sports to Comedy everything is available here.

Check out some cool places to visit on to enjoy it’s amazing services.

Best Roku Channels of 2015 For Movies, Music, News, Sports And Kids

Best Roku Channels for Watching Movies and TV shows

Netflix (First month free trial)

Netflix is one of the most widely used internet subscription service for enjoying latest movies and TV shows. Netflix lets you watch your favorite movie or a TV series for a small monthly subscription fee and also keep you updated with latest ones. Netflix is quite reliable and nothing can describe it better than the fact that more than 30 million people from United States, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Nordics use Netflix to put there time of leisure to good use by enjoying their favorite things to watch.

Crackle (Free)

Crackle is the best channel for those who like to watch Hollywood movies in their free time. Crackle keeps you updated with full length Hollywood movies, TV shows and content from all genres- Comedy, Action, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi etc. Crackle always provides you original, uncut and unedited content and gives you complete experience. Another thing to be glad about is Crackle is absolutely free.

Hulu Plus (one week free trial, $7.99 a month)

For all the TV show addicts out there, Hulu Plus is the channel you should be excited about. Hulu Plus provides you with high quality TV shows. Both, the currently running ones and those from past are available on Hulu Plus. Right now, you can head there to watch full episodes of hit shows like Brooklyn Nine- Nine, Nashville, The Mindy Project etc. You can also watch episodes from library and kid’s shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Caillou etc. Hulu Plus is available for $7.99/month.

Vudu (Free subscription)

Vudu is the best destination for people who head over to cinema halls every weekend to check out their favorite movies. Vudu gives you complete cinema like experience by letting you watch movies in 1080p and awesome Dolby Digital surround. You can watch latest movies or movies from library in high quality at your home. There are no subscription fees and you pay only content that you watch, thus allowing you to ignore your dislikes.

M-Go (Comes pre-installed on every Roku device)

M-Go is another perfect stop for those who have an addiction for movies and never want to miss out any latest release. M-Go has simple interface that makes it easier for you to pick and watch your favorite movies. M-Go provides latest movies sooner than Netflix thus leaving nothing for you to complain about.

Best Roku Channels For Listening to Music


To all those music lovers, there is no need to tell about VEVO any differently. It is one of the best and most reliable source to find your favorite music videos. VEVO’s catalog contains 75,000 videos from over 21,000 artists. Now that’s something to brag about! VEVO is available in USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, UK through, mobile web, tablet apps, connected TV and embedded video players.

Roku Media Player

Roku Media Player is another amazing tool for all those who like to sit back, relax & savour the taste of their favorite music without any hassle. It allows you to play content from media servers (Twonky, Plex, Tversity etc) on your local network as well as USB.

Spotify (30 days free trial)

Spotify showers you with all the joy and happiness as it provides you with millions of tracks of artists from all over the world. Just know what you want, search it and play. It’s as simple as that. Stopify is available in Premium version and if you haven’t used one before you can try it for free for a month.

Plex (Free)

If you’re one who’s always troubled with your unorganized media servers that put your jolly mood off then you’ve no reason to worry now. We have Plex at your service. With Plex, you can steam videos, music, photos to your Roku using its media servers. It also allows you to share your media with your pals. You can also sync it with your mobile or your cloud storage.


Pandora is the place for those who like to listen only specific genres of music at a particular time. Pandora let’s you create stations based on artists or songs. Pandora’s analyzed catalog contains wide range of songs.

Best Roku Channels For Keeping Yourself Updated with News

Fox News

Fox News, as accustomed, is one of the leading news portal. It is known for its exclusive & award winning content. On Roku, you can watch Fox News videos, listen to audio news and also enjoy amazing shows like Fox & Friends, The Five, Special Report, Fox Report, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, On the Record & War Stories. To sum it up, Fox news is an amazing and reliable news channel.

TheBlaze TV

The Blaze TV is not just a channel, but a movement. Thousands of people have joined hands together to be the inspiration for their nation while gaining knowledge at the same time. The Blaze TV is known for its unique content that won’t be found on mainstream medias. After subscribing, you can watch all its content anywhere and anytime. It is available in premium as well as 14-day free trial.

Sky News

Sky News without any doubt is a world class news channel with fresh approach to news broadcasting. Sky News is UK’s first dedicated 24 hour news channel. Sky News is known for its breaking news and insightful analytical reports on various issues. After subscribing, Sky News will provide you with a special video service depicting all key stories of the day.

Weather Nation TV

Weather Nation TV is a reliable source for weather forecast & news. It also provides wide range of analysis of statistical data related to climate. It provides weather forecast instantly on demand.

AOL News

The specialty of AOL News is that it helps you in saving your time by uploading short videos with simple description to keep you informed about happenings from all over the world. AOL news reports are all from reliable sources.

Best Roku Channels for Watching Sports


ESPN is without any question, the best for watching sports content. It keeps you updated with its live scores and timely sport updates. It also provides some amazing replays in HD and insightful articles written by experts. You can also access streaming of thousands of live events. Thus, ESPN gives you the complete sports experience.

WWE Network

A great utility for wrestling fans! You can now enjoy instant and unlimited access to streaming and library content irrespective of time and place. All live WWE matches, WrestleMania, reality shows and documentaries, all are available on pay per click. All you need to do is subscribe and download the app. The premium fees are $9.99/month.


NFL Now now provides a personalized streaming of matches of your favorite NFL teams, players, coaches right on your handset device. You can also access your favorite players’ interviews, breaking news and much more exciting content. Though NFL Now is available for free, certain features require paid subscription.

NBA Game Time

With NBA Game Time, you can watch live games, highlights, get live scores, stat updates and other insightful content instantly without any hassle.


NHL let’s you follow hockey season on NHL Roku channel. It provides you with regular streams, stats, results, fixtures, HD highlights as well as 100 classic games.

Best Roku Channels For Internet TV


When it comes to entertainment there is one name always at the top- YouTube. Hundreds and thousands of videos of all genres are available on YouTube and there is nothing that isn’t. With YouTube you can watch any video anytime and anywhere without any problem. You can also send videos from phone to TV by sharing WiFi network. Thus, YouTube is a complete package of entertainment.

Roku Recommends

If you just like to sit back and enjoy awesome videos without having to search for hours on internet, then ‘Roku recommends’ is surely your thing. The expert staff will recommend you best content of all genres from all over the internet.


If you are outdoor and there is an awesome live event being aired on television and you feeling down for missing it, then it’s time to rejoice as Livestream comes to your rescue. On Live stream, more than 50000 live events are streamed every month. Well that’s like a complete solution for your problem.

College Humor

College Humor uploads multiple videos every week based on unique and fresh content catering to college students. What makes College Humor more special is its unorthodox style of humour. As it claims, College Humor will make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose, whether or not you have been drinking milk.


Funniest and unbelievable pranks to tickle your funny bones and light up your mood anytime. Here you can find most laughable content on the Internet. Something to chill about!

Best Roku Channels For Kids and Family


CraftSmart is a channel that boosts creativity of children by engaging them in various craft and origami activities. CraftSmart teaches various craft items to kids with the help of videos and skilled tutors who make sure kids’ interest is intact. The innovative-ness and the skill required will surely excite children and thus help them develop their graphical visualization power as well.

Cartoon Club

Well, I don’t think there is any kid in this world who doesn’t like cartoons! Cartoon Club is a personalized channel for all kids as they can have good time watching what they love the most. Cartoon Club’s exclusive content includes cartoon series of all genres from 1930s to 1960s. Surely a lovely place for kids.

Adventure to Fitness

This is a very useful and amazing channel according to me. It helps children in maintaining their health without making them feel it like a trouble. This channel contains exclusive videos on maintaining good health with its advantages explained in very simple and lucid manner that won’t tire out kids. A must have channel for everyone.

Amateur Kitchen

As the name suggests, Amateur Kitchen is like a kitchen guide for all amateurs. It has exclusive content on wide range of cuisines, amazing new recipes and everything that excites your taste buds. A very informative as well as fun and engaging channel for people of all ages.

Cool School

As accustomed, majority of kids are not very happy with the idea of going to school and learning something. The process tires them out. But, now it won’t. The Cool School is all about explaining difficult concepts in a simple and friendly manner with the help of videos and animations. Kids will absolutely love this new style of learning and they’ll even develop an interest towards studies. I’d give this channel full marks and recommend it to everyone out there.

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So, that was our list of some of the top Roku channels in 2015 in the prominent categories. However, we are always looking for suggestions from our readers. So, if you want to suggest a channel that deserves to be on the list of best Roku channels, let us know through your comments.

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