12 Best Roleplaying Games on Roblox

One of the best things about gaming is how easily one can dive into its world and forget their own. Roblox, in particular, does an amazing job with the platform letting gamers go through hundreds of different experiences. However, if you’re really into getting games that make you forget reality, roleplaying games on Roblox are the ones to go for. To help you out, we have curated a list of the best roleplay games on Roblox for you to play. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Brookhaven

Out of all the roleplaying games on Roblox, Brookhaven has consistently remained one of those that are massively played and enjoyed. Set in the fictional town of Brookhaven, the game drops you in the place along with full control of what you want to do. Furthermore, the game hands players a handy console to spawn vehicles, edit their avatars, and much more.

Roblox roleplay game

Brookhaven has all the popular roleplaying elements, including functioning shops with real players, real estate you can buy, places you can visit, and many items, including laptops and phones. Like all RP games, everyone will act like their character, so you better ensure you do, too.

Play Brookhaven RP

2. Vesteria

While Brookhaven is an amazing roleplaying game, Vesteria takes it a step further by being even more detailed. However, what catches our eye is that the game is set in a fantasy land full of different characters and creatures. The game lets you create your detailed character and even has classes like adventurer, hunter, warrior, and mage.

Visteria begins with a proper cinematic, which plays out a bit like Skyrim. Once it’s over, you can do whatever you want and roam the lands. This diverse MMORPG lets you become anyone you wish and has a good mix of combat, exploration, and even story. Check it out for quite a different kind of experience.

Play Visteria

3. Adopt Me!

This one is for the pet lovers out there. Adopt Me! is a roleplaying game on Roblox with billions of active visits up its sleeve. The game itself is focused on adopting and taking care of animals. As a new player, you’re offered the option to either adopt a pet or be adopted yourself.

Like other RP games, the game spawns you into a detailed enough map with various elements. Players in their own houses and adopt pets in them, making their own families. There are many animal types, including a chipmunk, raccoon, and even a Kiwi. Since the game is based around roleplay, you can have any setting you choose.

Play Adopt Me!

4. Infinity RPG

If you are a gamer who really loves dying and coming back, you will love Infinity RPG. True to its name, this roguelike game puts players in a land akin to Dark Souls. The game is divided into over 50 different realms, with each area packing its own enemies and boss. However, all realms have their level requirements, which go into the thousands.

As such, you can already tell that the game will require a lot of grinding and time. However, for players used to roguelikes, this will hardly be an issue. So pick up your sword, pack some powers, and play this roleplaying game on Roblox.

Play Infinity RPG

5. Welcome to Bloxburg

While Brookhaven is a nice RPG game, Bloxburg adds a lot more detail and makes it even more vivid. The game, as per the name, is based in the city of Bloxburg, which is teeming with life. As a starter character, you’re given the option to practically run free and live any life you wish.

Players can build their own houses, decorate them as they wish, and start full families. You can also go around town, visit establishments, eat, and interact with the people there. However, do note that Welcome to Bloxburg is a paid experience and requires one to pay 25 Robux. So, if you want to check it out, pony up.

Play Welcome to Bloxburg (Paid)

6. After the Flash

While there are a lot of games on Roblox, not many try to weave a story together. After the Flash, however, is an exception. The game takes place in 2163 when the world ended in a nuclear war called ‘The Flash‘ a few decades before.

Stranded on Sunrise Islands in Ohio, you must make your way and survive here. The city itself is divided into various locations and is ruled by different factions, making your life more difficult. As is expected, this Ohio wasteland is difficult to navigate, and you will need your wits to survive.

Play After the Flash: Wintertide

7. Backpacking

People who love engaging in roleplaying games know it’s not always about being in cities and surrounded by concrete walls. For nature enthusiasts, Backpacking is a Roblox game you should play. Based completely in the wilderness, the game invites players to pack up their stuff and simply go backpacking.

The entire area of backpacking is composed of a rich and vividly designed atmosphere that looks very lifelike and peaceful. You also get camping equipment that you can take with you and set up anywhere. So, if you like open areas and waterfalls, check this game out.

Play Backpacking

8. SCP: Roleplay

Let’s shift gears briefly because not everyone wants their roleplay to be peaceful. For those unaware, SCP stands for Secure, Contain & Protect. Built in a world where different anomalies exist as objects, the SCP foundation is in charge of keeping humanity safe. Players in SCP are given the option to play as a Prisoner (Class – D), Scientist, Guard, and even more characters.

As these characters, it is your responsibility to either contain these SCPs or hide from them and survive. SCP: Roleplay is a nice change of pace for those in RPG games.

Play SCP: Roleplay

9. Emergency Response: Liberty County: Play The Part

Those among you who have played a lot of GTA Online know that there’s a fair bit of cop roleplaying in dedicated servers. Emergency Response takes that idea and spreads it wide. Focused on intense roleplay, this game offers players the choice to roleplay as police, criminals, or even a civilian.

You’re dropped into the city of Springfield, where chaos lurks, and you must make sense of it all. While the game doesn’t provide a tutorial, it’s pretty fun to play once you get the hang of it.

Play Emergency Response: Liberty County

10. Lords Of The Multiverse RPG

Marvel isn’t the only one capable of creating a multiverse. In this roleplaying game for Roblox, players get the option not to explore one but multiple multiverses. However, the story isn’t a happy one, as a collection of evil lords rules all of it. As the protagonist, it is your duty to be their savior and eliminate all the lords to win.

However, it’s not easy, as the RPG system makes sure you’re only capable of fighting them once you level up. With so super bosses spread across the game, you will need to grind quite a lot to make sure you enjoy Lords of the Multiverse. So, if you have what it takes, then begin playing.

Play Lords of the Multiverse

11. Five Nights at Freddy’s Roleplay (FNAF RP)

Five Nights at Freddy’s to this remains one of the scariest games in existence. While this Roblox game won’t be as scary as the original, it sure does get many elements right. Almost all the animatronics you see in the original game seamlessly carry over to this roleplay version. However, as a starter, you can only play as either a human or an endoskeleton.

Nonetheless, once you don the character, it’s a lot of fun running around the pizzeria, meeting other animatronics, or simply running away from them. So, to get a dose of nostalgia, check out this game.

Play Five Nights at Freddy’s Roleplay

12. Work at a Pizza Place

From what we have heard, working in the service sector is difficult. So, if you want a taste of what that can be like, work at a pizza place can be a change of pace. As the title implies, the entire game revolves inside a pizza store. Players can assume various staff roles, which range from a Cashier, Cook, Pizza Boxer, Delivery person to even a supplier.

Each title comes with its responsibility and gets harder as you progress. Once you get your role, simply do what’s required to earn coins and cash out at the end. In a way, this game is also like a job simulator for those interested.

Play Work at a Pizza Place

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best roleplaying games on Roblox. Once you’re done here, it’s time to spook yourself with the best scary games on Roblox, as Halloween is around the corner. Want a master list instead? Check out our collection of best Roblox games and spend all your time playing with friends. Got any more recommendations for us to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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