Touchscreen displays are the most expensive components in modern smartphones, but they are also more fragile than ever, which is why, it makes great sense to invest in a high-quality screen protector for your handset. Google’s all-new Pixel 3 is one such device that comes with a gorgeous 5.5-inch P-OLED display, but it will likely cost you a small fortune to repair if you happen to get a few cracks on it. So to help you save the big money down the line, we have compiled a list of the 8 best Pixel 3 screen protectors you can buy for your latest Android flagship.

Best Pixel 3 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

Note: We will keep updating this list with new Pixel 3 screen protectors, so make sure to check back from time to time.

1. Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3 (2-pack)

The Supershieldz Pixel 3 screen protector is made from the high-quality tempered glass with 100 percent bubble-free adhesives for easy installation and maximum scratch protection. It comes with 2.5D rounded-edge glass and offers 99.99 percent HD Clarity. Its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects against sweat and reduces fingerprint smudges, while its Lifetime Replacement Warranty gives you complete peace of mind.

Buy From Amazon: ($10.99)

2. amFilm Google Pixel 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-Pack)

The amFilm tempered glass screen protector is built with 9H tempered glass, and is ultra-clear with 99.9 percent transparency for a natural viewing experience. It’s ultra-thin, measuring just 0.33mm in thickness and is topped with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints. It also comes with amFilm’s easy installation mechanism that makes the process of applying the protector simple and quick. The unit featured here is a 3-pack that features 3x tempered glass screen protectors, wet wipes, dry wipes, squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers.

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99)

3. Wellci Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3 (2-Pack)

Like the amFilm unit above, the Wellci Tempered Glass Screen Protector also measures just 0.33mm in thickness, helping it maintain the display’s original response sensitivity and touch feeling. The device also offers ultra-clear 99.99 percent transparency for a high-definition clear viewing. Like its rivals, it’s also made out of durable 9H tempered glass with a special oleophobic coating to help reduce smudges and fingerprints. Furthermore, the base sheet has a a dot matrix grid to prevent a suction effect that could result in air bubbles or light refraction.

Buy From Amazon: ($10.99)

4. TopACE Google Pixel 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)

Like just about all its rivals on today’s list, the TopACE screen protector is is built with 9H tempered glass, only 0.3mm thick and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. It is strong, ‘super wear-resistant’, anti-scratch, antibacterial, anti-glare and comes with radiation protection. It also features the almost obligatory oleophobic coating repels oils, fingerprints and smudges. It’s a 2-pack that offers 2x glass protector, 2x microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers.

Buy From Amazon: ($8.99)

5. ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3

The ESR tempered glass screen protector provides edge-to-edge coverage and is compatible with most third-party cases. It can withstand 11lbs. of force and helps protect the screen from damage. It also comes with an oleophobic nano coating, which creates a smudge-resistant surface, making it easier to clean and provides effective protection against dirt, dust and sweat.

Buy From Amazon: ($9.99)

6. LK Pixel 3 Liquid Skin Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Tempered glass screen protectors may be more popular, but some prefer film-based protectors that feel less restrictive and foreign on a smartphone. This is where the LK Liquid Skin screen protector comes in. It is made out of a flexible, tough and self-healing military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact. The skin is resistant against scratches, punctures, UV light and will not yellow after prolonged usage. It’s got 99 percent light transmission clarity and can be washed, reused and reapplied. It also comes with LK’s lifetime warranty backup.

Buy From Amazon: ($8.99)

7. Vigeer Google Pixel 3 Screen Protector

The Vigeer Pixel 3 screen protector provides maximum protection for the flat portion using laser micro-dissection. It’s built with 9H scratch-resistant tempered glass that effectively protects your Google Pixel 3 from unwanted scuffs and scratches, while its 99-percent HD clarity with high responsive touching performance makes your Google Pixel 3 function work smoother and faster. It also comes with bubble-free adhesives for easy installation with magnetic adsorption function.

Buy From Amazon: ($7.99)

8. Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Pixel 3(2-Pack)

The Orzero screen protector is made from 9H tempered glass that prevents scratches and scuffs. It comes with 2.5D rounded-edge glass and offers 99 percent light transmission ratio for HD Clarity. The ultra-thin 0.26mm glass also helps maintain the original touch experience. The screen protector comes with a dust remover, screen wipe and lint-free dry cloth for easy installation, and is protected by Orzero’s Service and Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


Buy From Amazon: ($7.85)

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Protect The Pixel 3’s Display with These Screen Protectors

The Pixel 3 features a gorgeous display, and the aforementioned screen protectors will surely help you in protecting that screen from getting damaged in case of minor accidents. They will also ensure that the panel doesn’t develop any scratches or scuffs even after prolonged use. So in case you’re getting yourself a Pixel 3, choose one of the products featured above and let us know which one you chose and why.