8 Best GTA 5 RP Servers in 2024 and How to Join Them

Chances are you’re here after finally learning what GTA 5 RP is. And if you’re someone interested in GTA roleplaying then you also know you need the best GTA 5 RP servers for it. However, in a sea full of places you can’t trust, finding the ultimate RP server is a task by itself. Allow us to make it easier and keep reading as we list out the best GTA RP servers you should join right now!

1. NoPixel

NoPixel GTA RP servers
Image courtesy: NoPixel

Free to Join? No. Requires you to pay to apply.

The one server that popularized the entire GTA 5 RP scenario, NoPixel, is possibly one of the community’s oldest and most active GTA RP servers. It has had various revisions over the years. But what hasn’t changed much is the quality of roleplay at NoPixel.

To this date, hundreds of players wait in queues to join, and many popular streamers showcase their unique storylines to their community. You’ll find various custom scripts that have changed over the years, and overall, see one of the most passionate GTA 5 RP communities. While it isn’t free to join, as there is a membership for application submission, you can expect a great time at NoPixel. So, if there’s one of the best GTA RP servers we recommend, it’s this one.

Joining GTA 5 No Pixel is simplee. You must go to the official, website, create an account, and submit your application. Before submitting, you’ll be asked to pay for the application submission. Once the application is accepted, you can freely join the server whenever you want!

2. Prodigy RP

Prodigy RP GTA RP servers
Image Courtesy: Prodigy RP

Free to Join? Yes

A reasonably new server that opened its gates in 2023, ProdigyRP has slowly become a go-to place for newcomers and one of the best GTA 5 RP servers. The server features a slew of custom-made features that will make any people giggle with joy, a unique job system that allows you to interact and socialize with other players, and overall lovely scripts that aren’t taxing on your system.

If you have some prior roleplay experience and are looking for a server with people worldwide, apply for the GTA 5 RP ProdigyRP server. The application process is also a simple affair, which only requires you to create an account at the official website, connect your discord, and then fill up the required form. Provided your submission is successful, you’ll be able to join this GTA 5 RP server.

3. Purple Roleplay

PurpleRP GTA RP servers
Image Courtesy: Purple Roleplay

Free to Join? Yes

Another reasonably brand-new server for GTA RP, Purple Roleplay, has certainly excited me to hop on and try it out after my allowlist application gets approved. Launched a few months back in 2024, Purple Roleplay boasts some great custom scripts for in-game features that will surprise veterans and impress new players.Two of my favorites are the ability to put the in-game phone on loudspeaker, an interactable paper/notepad, and many more.

Various small custom scripts have impressed me as an onlooker and will excite anyone searching for some GTA 5 servers to apply and play. Like Prodigy RP, Purple Roleplay also has a straightforward application process where you have to create an account on the official website, and submit a form. Once whitelisted, you can jump into the world of Purple and meet with the players.

4. New Day RP

Free to Join? Yes

One of the somewhat older servers players went to as an alternative to NoPixel, New Day RP, is a GTA 5 RP server well-known for its strict application system and passionate roleplaying community. While it doesn’t have the flashy scripts the newer servers have for themselves, it does have some good scripts to facilitate great roleplay and some great roleplayers to help promote your storyline. It is another excellent GTA 5 RP server to keep on your radar.

New Day RP opens its application only once per month for a limited period of time. After you create your forum account, and the whitelisting forms are open, you can go ahead and submit your application. Applications on New Day RP is checked on an order-basis. So be sure to submit early to ensure you’re accepted.

5. EchoRP

Free to Join? No

EchoRP is another reasonably popular server that has been around for a while. It opened its doors to budding roleplayers, at a time when NoPixel was booming. EchoRP features the standard custom scripts on FiveM, giving you a distinct experience from most servers. The server is also well-known for fostering a collaborative and welcoming community for budding new roleplayers.

So, if you are overwhelmed by the best GTA 5 RP servers above and want to take things a little slow, EchoRP is the place for it.

Joining EchoRP requires you to buy a life-time application pass for $5. Once you’ve purchased the pass, you’ll have to join their discord, and under the Allowlist Guide channel, you’ll find the application button. Once done, you can submit as many applications as you want.

6. TRP (Formerly known as TwitchRP)

Free to Join? Yes

Another amazing GTA 5 RP server worth mentioning on this list is TRP, which has been running since the days of the FamilyRP. TRP, or TwitchRP, has undergone numerous wipes and changes over the year, including a staff change. While it doesn’t have a large player base or features compared to other servers, it does have a patient and welcoming community.

Trust me, after playing for over one year on TRP, I can vouch for the community being very welcoming. So, if you are a new player who doesn’t want to get overwhelmed, TRP can be a good choice to join and learn the trades.

Joining TRP is free, and only involves going over to their website and filling up the application form after joining the discord. Once the application is accepted, you can head over to FiveM and log-into the website.

7. GTA World

GTA world RP servers
Image Courtesy: GTA World

Free to Join? Yes

One of the few Text RP servers with immense popularity, GTA World has etched itself as a solid alternative to the FiveM-based servers worldwide. Based on the RageMP framework, which is entirely different from the FiveM, GTA World is widely touted as the go-to server for players who feel overwhelmed using voice to roleplay in GTA 5.

GTA World boasts a vast server full of players who enjoy roleplaying. And while it isn’t FiveM, don’t underestimate its features. You can find many jobs to do and various players worldwide playing exciting characters. I had one friend playing as a taxi driver-turned-hitman. Given that it is a text-based RP server, you must type a lot to communicate. But if that is your jam, then GTA World is easily one of the best text-based GTA 5 RP servers you can join.

GTA World has a simple application process, which you complete by creating an account on their website, and filling up the application form with necessary details. Once accepted, simply join this GTA RP server.

8. Eclipse RP

Free to Join? Yes

The final server on our best GTA 5 RP servers is the ever-popular Eclipse RP. Even if you haven’t played GTA RP a lot, you’ve probably heard about this server at a passing. Eclipse RP is a RageMP-based RP server with the usual features you’d expect from any GTA Roleplay server.

This includes standard jobs and tons of players with whom to interact. So, if you can’t play on FiveM or want to explore the RageMP side of things, Eclipse is one of the better voice-RP GTA 5 servers to hop on.

Elcipse requires you to create an account directly on the client itself. So once you install RageMP and log-in to Eclipse RP, you’ll have to create your account. With the account is created, enter an activation code sent to your email address and take a quiz to be accepted!

And these are the best GTA RP servers you should join right now! Have some GTA roleplaying servers we missed? Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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