10 Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases and Covers

After a series of leaks, Samsung finally unveiled its flagship Galaxy S series this month. Among the three S20 devices launched, the Galaxy S20 Ultra stood out for its impeccable Penta-camera setup with a 108MP camera sensor and 100x zoom capability. As expected, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the largest footprint having a 6.9-inch screen and weighing in at 0.49 pounds (222 grams) which is considerably high. So if you want to protect a device of this size and weight then you need a solid case that can provide all-around protection without making the device even more bulkier. So in this article, let’s go ahead and find out the 10 best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases and cover that you should buy in 2020.

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

If you want the looks, protection and amazing grip on your Galaxy S20 Ultra then look no further than Spigen. Every year Spigen launches new cases after the Galaxy S series launch and this year too, it’s no different. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor especially looks exceptional in its matte black finish. Not to mention, the case is slim, form-fitted, and easier on hands while carrying around. Spigen claims that the case is made using Military Grade protection and Air Cushion technology to better protect the device from heavy drops. Further, the case is compatible with wireless charging so no issue on this front as well. To put it straight, Spigen Liquid Air Armor is one of the best cases– if not the best– for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases

Buy from Amazon: $10.99

2. Caseology Parallax

After Spigen, Caseology comes to mind if you are looking for a well-built case that can provide you style and protection. In that case, you should pick the Parallax series of cases for your Galaxy S20 Ultra. It has a textured surface with a honeycomb pattern and that looks quite cool. In terms of protection too, the case has raised lips on all surfaces, be it the screen or the Penta-camera setup on the back. And for extra absorption, the case comes with dual-layered bumpers and air space technology around the corners. Not to mention, you still get wireless charging even after such well-rounded protection. So, if you are looking for a case other than Spigen, Caseology can be a great alternative.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

3. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases

While third-party companies have brought out some of the best looking and protective cases, Samsung has produced its official line of cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra with versatile features. For instance, you have the Smart LED View Cover which offers easy-to-see notifications without turning on the display. Then there is S-View Flip Cover for users who want to do more in less space. You can control your phone, check notifications, messages without even opening the cover.

Next, we have the Leather cover for Galaxy S20 Ultra which gives you a sleek and luxurious feel in your hand. In case, you don’t find a good leather case in the market, you can get one from Samsung. We are not over yet though, there is the slender Silicone case for a comfortable grip, available in a range of colors. And then we have the Smart LED cover which is very protective and comes with two kickstands for effortless video watching. All in all, Samsung offers a range of cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra and you should definitely check them out.

Buy from Samsung: Available from March 6th

4. Totallee Transparent Case

If you want to show off the Cosmic Gray or Black finish of your Galaxy S20 Ultra then you should get a transparent case. And for that, Totallee has made the best clear case for Galaxy S20 Ultra. The case maker claims that it’s the most ultra-slim case that you can find in the market. Despite its thinness, the case provides a good grip due to a rubbery finish on the back. And the best part about this clear case is that it does not make your phone bulky and since S20 Ultra is quite big, it can be a relief for many users. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and grab this awesome Totallee transparent case for your Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Buy from Amazon: $35

5. OtterBox Symmetry Case

OtterBox does not require much introduction as their cases have proven to be the toughest and most protective. Simply put, if you drop phones regularly and protection is your first priority then I would highly recommend the OtterBox Symmetry series case for Galaxy S20 Ultra. While it appears thin and sleek, the body is made of ABS plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass. So the outer box is very heavy duty and can easily sustain drops and scratches. There is also a Defender series by Otterbox which brings even more protection. So, if you want a full-proof case for your Galaxy S20 Ultra then OtterBox is the way to go.

  • Buy from Amazon (Symmetry): $50.95
  • Buy from Amazon (Defender): $60.95

6. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

If you are looking for a case that can bring a hands-free experience on your Galaxy S20 Ultra then you should be looking at the ESR Metal Kickstand case. The case is made of soft TPU material and it provides 360-degree protection against bumps and scratches. There is also 2mm-thick cushioned drop protection around the corners. Talking about the kickstand, it’s a sturdy piece of metal on the back and you can move it both horizontally and vertically up to 60 degrees. The kickstand is like the Pixel Stand but without wireless charging, however, the ESR kickstand case gives you an effortless experience while watching videos or interacting with the device. So, if you want both protection and also some sort of comfort– given that S20 Ultra is too large and heavy to handle– then ESR case can be a good choice.

Buy from Amazon: $18.99

7. FYY Leather Case

Apart from being a leather case, this is a multi-functional Galaxy S20 Ultra case that you should take a serious look at. First of all, the case is made of PU leather which frankly, is not made of genuine leather, but produced from the fibrous part of original leather and coated with polyurethane to make it feel premium in hand. Nevertheless, it’s a folio cover case with multiple card slots inside. Other than that, in terms of protection, the folio cover comes with RFID patent technique which blocks unauthorized access to your credit and debit cards. As I said it’s a multi-purpose case, there is a convenient kickstand with multiple stand functionality for movie watching and video chatting. All in all, the FYY leather case is among the best cases for Galaxy S20 Ultra and you should not give it a miss.

Buy from Amazon: $28.99

8. Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion is another clear case in this list for Galaxy S20 Ultra and this one too comes with a matte finish on the back. The case is made of flexible TPU material, but the company claims that it can significantly prevent oily smudges and dirty marks unlike other clear cases in the market. As for the grip and protection, the back has a textured feel which reduces slipperiness while handling the device. As with all the cases, here too you get shock-resistant corners and raised lips around the camera and screen. And of course, the case is compatible with wireless charging on S20 Ultra. So if you want a transparent case, you can give it a shot given that it’s priced considerably low than the Totallee transparent case.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

9. Temdan Heavy Duty Case

Of late, Temdan has been creating some of the best cases for Samsung devices and they have released a heavy-duty case for Galaxy S20 Ultra as well. Since it’s an all-around protective case, you get full-body protection including the Dynamic AMOLED display, Penta-camera setup, and the glass back. The case comes with a built-in reinforcement frame and screen protector which is great. As an aside, you will not have to buy a separate screen guard. And for the back, there is a clear back panel that snaps to the main frame and shields the glass from key scratches and drops. Having said that, the case is slightly heavier than other cases since it brings many protective layers in one body. So, if you want a heavy-duty case and don’t mind the extra heft that comes with it then you can go with the Temdan case.

Buy from Amazon: $17.99

10. Olixar Silicone Case

Olixar is our final Galaxy S20 Ultra case in this list for users who want a silicone case. Naturally, the silicone case is thin and does not bring any bulk to the device. It’s made of soft TPU material which has been further customized by Olixar so that the TPU material stops yellowing or fading after a period of time. The back also has matrix dots to provide a better grip on the device. Other than that, the case has raised bezel protection around the screen and camera which has become a standard on almost all the cases. Simply put, if you want a thin case that is light and brings a decent grip to S20 Ultra then I would suggest the Olixar Silicone case.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

The Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases Sorted For You

So these are our picks for the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases. While curating the list, we kept protection, comfort, and functionality in mind and as a result, we have mentioned all sorts of cases for users having different preferences. You can either go for heavy-duty or sleek-looking cases or clear cases to show off your shiny new Galaxy S20 Ultra. Anyway, that is all from us. If you picked a case from the list, do let us know in the comment section below.

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