5 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps For Heavy Sleepers

Waking up in the morning from that cozy blanket is probably one of the most herculean tasks in the world. We have alarm clocks to help us get though each morning, but I was never a morning person the clock near my bed side always had a hard time executing its job. My dad always used to say that it’s just the first 30 seconds you need to fight off and you will have your beautiful morning all by your self.

So, for the 21st century, where smartphones have taken over the traditional alarm clocks, here are some of the best alarm clock apps for android, that you can install to help you win the fight in those 30 seconds.

1. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy has already been bestowed with the title of World’s most annoying alarm clock and I must say it really goes with the image of the app. The idea behind the app is that you take a picture of an object like the wash basin, your balcony or anything that’s away from your reach while you are in the bed. The picture is then registered in the app and you can set and alarm on the app once that’s configured. Now when the alarm rings in the morning, you must wake up, walk up to the object that you took the picture of and then take a similar picture again to turn off the alarm. Pretty straightforward.


You an cheat the app by taking a picture of a lampshade or your hands on the bed, but then you are not cheating the app, but yourself at the end of the day. The app works great if configured properly. However, if you are planning to visit a hotel or go to your parents house this summer, make sure you deactivate the alarm or change the registered pic or it’s going to be a hard time to deactivate the alarm. The app is free without any limitation and you can choose different themes to change the colors and customize the app.

Developer: Delight Room Co., Ltd

Availability: Play Store (Free)

2. Morning Routine – Alarm Clock

Morning Routine alarm clock is similar to Alarmy in the way that it will also force you out of the bed to snap a picture. But rather than photos of a wash basin or kitchen sink that can be different from morning to morning, it asks you to scan the bar code of your morning serials you eat  or the toothpaste you use. You can also configure a daily routine like first taking the bar code of the toothpaste and then the milk carton after 20 mins. Anything that saves you from getting late to the office.

morning routine

Also, the app interface and its visual appeal is just stunning. I can vouch for the fact that is is one of the best graphics I have seen in an Android phone. Once you have successfully completed all the steps and turned off the alarm, you can choose to launch a custom app or a URL, just in case you need the news with the morning coffee. One great feature I like is the wifi-locking. The app links the sequence with a particular Wi-Fi network and if the network is not found, it will not give you the barcode to scan.

Developer: Agens AS

Availability: Play Store (Free)

3. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Everyone needs a little push to wake up in the morning. It’s just the initial 30 seconds we need to win over and fight the lord of the sleep to get awake. So to makes sure you win in those 30 seconds how about wakening up to different puzzles every day? Puzzle alarm clock, as the name speaks will give you random puzzles every morning and make sure you are awake enough before turning itself off. You can choose maths, memory puzzle or some pattern based puzzles with three difficulty levels. At max, you can set a series of 5 puzzles but that will be a little too much for your brain. 2 to 3 puzzles in medium level will do the trick.

puzzle alarm clock

The app also has QR Code and NFC based alarm disabling option, but make sure you use them wisely. The app also gives you ideal time to go to bed notification depending upon the wake up alarm clock you have set. Good for your health. The design of the app is good and neat. You can definitely give this one a try.

Developer: Wro Claw Studio Ltd

Availability: Play Store (Free)

4. Shake-it Alarm

Shake-it Alarm is probably one of the simplest alarm clock app on the list and all you need to do is shake your phone continuously to turn of the alarm every morning. It’s just not one or two shakes we are talking about, It’s like shaking the phone for 7 to 10 seconds unless the bar in the apps fill up and the alarm is turned off. The app can be great for people who don’t like solving maths question in the morning.

shake it alarm clock

One interesting feature of Shake-it Alarm clock is that you can configure preset users to send message to. So if you don’t wake up, you can choose to message your Dad or your best friend to call and wake you up.

Developer: IngYoMate

Availability: Play Store (Free)

5. Sleep as Android

No puzzles, photos or weird mathematics puzzle here. The app is rather smart and keeps track of your sleep activity throughout the night and wakes you gently in the optimal moment for pleasant mornings. After you set the alarm on Sleep as Android, you need to activate the sleep mode and keep the phone on your mattress. The app will keep a track on your sleep behavior using accelerometer and trace a graph when you are in a deep sleep and light sleep. Now, depending upon the time when you are in the light sleep, the alarm can sound in a time duration of 30 mins and you will be greeted through soothing nature sound to wake up.

sleep like Droid

What else is cool is that the app detects that you are snoring while sleeping and send anti snoring signal. If you still think that you need a push to wake up, you can set math puzzle, QR Code as alarm turn off method. The app also has smartwatch integration and sends signal directly to Android wear on your wrist. Also, it supports Philips HUE smart-light integration and turns on the light when it’s morning.

Developer: Urbandroid Team

Availability: Play Store (Free)

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So, these were some of best Android alarm clock apps that you can install on your smartphone and wake up right on time for your errands. These apps will just help you and at the end of the day it’s your will power that will get the job done. So install any one of them and have a Good Morning!

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  • Rakesh says:

    I use Visualarm. You can set text or image content to be displayed on the alarm screen reminding you of something important or motivating to wake up to. Works well

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