Check Out These Cool Bentley-Inspired Wireless Speakers and Headphones

Bentley audio equip feat.

Bentley, the British luxury car manufacturers, is a major name in the automobile industry. However, the company, apart from maintaining its name in the car-manufacturing industry, now wants to move into the tech world like many other car manufacturers. As a result, we now have a Bentley-inspired wireless Bluetooth speaker.

The collaboration between Bentley and the British high-end audio equipment manufacturer, Naim has led to the creation of the Bentley-inspired Mu-So 2 speaker. The Mu-So series is one of Naim’s precious collection of wireless speakers and the Mu-So 2 is the latest addition to the series.

Now, the new Bentley x Naim Mu-So 2 looks like any other Mu-So speakers from the company. However, there are certain design touches that will remind you of Bentley cars like the XP100 and the Bacalar. Also, it is the first Mu-So speaker that will feature wood on its exterior.

Coming to the functionalities, the Mu-So 2 wireless speaker can work as a standard Bluetooth speaker. So, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs on the speaker. Moreover, the speaker can even connect to your TV to provide an immersive surround sound experience.

Bentley mu so speaker

There is also the official Naim app which you can download from the Play Store or the App Store. Using this app, you can connect popular music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. Then you can use the multi-functional knob on the device or the app to control the speaker.

Now, as you can tell, by considering the brands involved, that this thing ain’t cheap. And you are not wrong. The Bentley Mu-So 2 comes for around $2100 (~Rs 1,54,550).

Along with the Mu-So 2 speaker, Bentley also worked with the French audio equipment-makers, Focal to develop the “Focal Radiance” headphones. These are a pair of over-the-ear headphones with a closed-back design.

Bentley audio equip radiance

Now, although the Bentley x Focal Radiance headphone is cheaper than the Naim Mu-So 2 speaker, it is still high for a headphone. The Radiance headphone will come with a price tag of $1,300 (~Rs 95,676).

So, if you are an audiophile with immense love for the England-based car manufacturers, Bentley, then you can surely go ahead and grab these two products. These will be available from October in select retail stores of Focal, Naim, and Bentley. Apart from the physical stores, the products will also be available on Naim’s official online store.

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