I Downloaded This Viral Steam Game and It Had Me Click a Banana All Day!?

In Short
  • When feeling stressed from gaming, a game like Banana always comes to the rescue.
  • This free-to-play experience is all about chilling and not thinking just like a Banana.
  • Banana also drops skins that can be so rare it sells for up to $500 on the Steam Community Market.

Gamers remain one of the only species that can shout at a screen for hours and say they love it. And while crawling through dungeons of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is fun along with doses of XDefiant, you can’t deny the joys of a simple game. Well going through Steam I chanced upon Banana, a game that piqued my curiosity from the name itself. Well, being a free game, I decided to download it and try it out. And I must say, it was worth it. Here’s why.

The Origin of “Banana” and It’s Taste

Before I share my experience, I must share how I found Banana at all. For that, let’s go back in time to the days of Content Warning and Palworld. My days as a Valorant try-hard had tired me to the core. As such, I was looking for games that would give me joy without doing much.

Unfortunately, those games came at the price of complex elements that confused me to no end. So as I sat through the Steam free-to-play store, I found this game and just like the Minions, I screamed “BANANAAAAAAAAAAA.”

The game itself is as simple as it gets. Banana is a good old clicker-style game. The game places a Banana as its main character. This evenly shaped banana sits atop a green background. As the player, it is your job to well, click on it.

You start out with the Banana counter being one. The more you click, the higher that number goes. See the number below? Yeah, that’s me. And that’s the game. Since there is no overarching lore, simplicity is key here.

Banana first Gameplay

While the advanced gamer in me really thought I would get bored in a minute, it turns out Banana is much more addicting than I thought! Before I knew it, I had the game open on my second monitor and was clicking away every few minutes. It became a cycle of writing a few words and then clicking again. Guess what? I’m clicking on the Banana as I write this!

I was having fun and so was my PC. But then as I sat and wondered about its simplicity, a question came to my mind. What’s the catch?

It is a Rewarding Banana and You Will Like It

Banana as a game is a relaxing and simple experience. You know, the one you play when you want to unwind. Well, besides the clicking part Banana offers random skin drops that you can sell on Steam. In just half an hour, I had two Banana skins in my Steam inventory.

As you would guess, all the skins are based on Bananas with names such as Moainana and spacenana. The skins not only look good but they also sell for cents at the Steam Community Market. You do realize what it means right? Boredom pays off!

Highest Priced Banana Crypticnana

But that does not stop there. The game offers you a new Banana every three hours. Some events in the game also offer rare Bananas that sell for way higher in the Community Market.

Crypticnana, a limited-edition skin was sold for $514 on June 11 and there are many such rare skins. So, if you think chilling in your den and playing a clicker game can also make you rich, it might be the time.

Turns out I Love Bananas Now

If I am honest, such clicker games are great for getting away from the chaotic world of video games. Yes, it is not a game you will always play. But the fact that a game exists for times when you do not want to use your brain cells and just recharge is such a win!

Banana is number two in SteamDB

Well, turns out gamers agree. Banana is already number two on SteamDB ranks. It has surpassed games like PUBG, Dota 2, and even Apex Legends. With 400,000 peak players and 367K concurrent players as of writing this, Banana is ready to dominate the space.

Have you tried your hands on the Banana yet? Click the link below and see how a simple, long, yellow Banana can change your perspective on chilling in a video game. Tried it already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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