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Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime: An Easy to Use, Feature Rich Doorbell

One of the nicest looking and feature rich doorbells, the Avantek Waterproof Doorbell Chime brings a ton of good stuff to your front door. It’s easy to install, and minimal in design. Plus, it’s also the Amazon best seller door bell, which is why we’re talking about it here today. So yeah, if you’re looking to get a fancy new doorbell which is also easy to set up and install, the Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime ($18.99), is a solid option; here are all the salient features of the doorbell. 

Amazon Best Seller with Highly Satisfied Customers 

The Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell is an Amazon best seller, and has thousands of highly satisfied customers, so you can rest assured that it’s a high-quality product. 

Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell

The Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell is easy to set up and install. The receiver can be simply plugged into any socket on your wall, just like any other gadget. The runs on batteries, and you can either use the included double-sided bonding tape, or the included anchors and screws to install it on your front door. 

And if you’re worried about the battery life, the transmitter uses a standard CR2032 lithium battery, and one battery will last you about three years. 

Feature Packed

The Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell is packed with a ton of useful features. Everything from the type of chimes you want, to an impressive connection range, and more. 

Range, Waterproofing, and More 

With Avantek’s doorbell, you don’t need to worry about anything. The doorbell has a range of 1000 feet (~300 meters), which means you can pretty much install it anywhere in your house.  

Plus, if your city gets a lot of rain, and cold winters, you’d be glad to know that the doorbell is IP55 rated for dust and water resistance. Plus, it can easily operate in -4°to 140° Fahrenheit temperatures. 

Multiple Chimes to Choose From

The doorbell comes with a collection of 52 different chimes. You can simply choose the chime you want the doorbell to use when it’s rung, and that’s the one you will hear anytime anyone is at your door. 

Adjustable Volume 

The doorbell supports a volume up to 115dB. I say “up to” because it’s adjustable. If you like loud doorbells, you can set it all the way to 115dB, but if you’re like me and you prefer a lower volume for your doorbell, you can reduce the volume as well. 

Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime 

If all of those points weren’t enough to convince you that you need to replace your doorbell with the Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime, I don’t know what will. This doorbell offers so many features, including 52 chimes, the ability to pair multiple receivers, memory functions, and more. Plus, it’s easy to install and set up. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade for your doorbell, check out the Avantek Mini Waterproof Doorbell Chime on Amazon right now. 

Buy from Amazon: $18.99 

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