Arcane Season 2 Teaser Almost Confirms This Sad Fan Theory

Arcane season 2 Warwick cover
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In Short
  • Arcane Season 2 preview is released by Riot Games and Netflix.
  • In this preview, we can notice a monster attached to a character sitting on a chair.
  • The official release window for Arcane season 2 is November 2024.

Arcane is an origin story anime based on the popular League of Legends franchise. The first season of Arcane already got tons of awards and fan praise. Ever since then, fans have been waiting for season 2 with bated breath. Well, League of Legends and Netflix finally dropped a much-awaited teaser of the upcoming season with a confirmed release date. The trailer also foreshadows a favorite character, so read more as we uncover it.

Earlier in 2023, Netflix teased us with a glimpse of Jinx where all they said was, “Arcane. Season 2. November 2024.” In that glimpse, we could only see a big door where Jinx walks with Fishbone (her rocket launcher). Since then we have had almost zero clue of what is going on with Arcane.

Jinx in Arcane teaser
Image Source: Riot Games/ Netflix

As season 1 of Arcane will be released on 6 November 2021, we can speculate the season 2 date to be around the early weeks of November 2024, too. We might get a few more teasers or a proper trailer before the release date. But in this preview, we saw something huge. Keep reading to find out!

Spoiler Warning: The segment forward contains spoilers from season 1 of Arcane and some rumors from the season 2 story. So, proceed with caution.

Arcane Season 2 Teaser: Is Vander Warwick?

From the beginning of the preview, we see a character sitting on a chair attached to some blood chambers and vessels. In this 44-second preview, all we see is a transfusion process. Later, towards the end, we finally see the big monster being revealed, which many fans speculate to be Warwick, a character in the LoL franchise.

If we notice carefully, the character on the chair can be Singed. Singed was the doctor who helped Silco and later Viktor. However, he was blown up in the explosion in episode 3. If he somehow survived the explosion, he might play a major role. This can finally tie Singed to turning Vander into Warwick using his tech.

With the death of Vander in season 1, fans wanted him to play the role of Warwick. With not so many Arcane original characters, we can predict the monster teased in this preview to be Vander transforming into Warwick.

Warwick League of Legends
Image Source: Riot Games

Now the question remains: what will be the story for next season? As rumored earlier, this might end the Vi and Jinx saga. Will Warwick be a cinematic version or be out of League of Legends? Regardless of what occurs, Riot and Netflix have done a great job of teasing us with an excellent preview, and we are all for it.

What do you think about the Vander being Warwick? Do you want to see a fight between him and Vi? Tell us in the comments below.

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