Control Windows PC / Laptop With Android Smartphone Using Remote Control Apps

How amazing would it be, if you can control your Windows PC or laptop using any remote, without even messing with the touch-pad or keyboard, you could control the features, enjoy video, surf web browser or control music wirelessly. That’s quite easy using any Android Smartphone and Windows PC that has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A few apps on Google Play makes your smartphone a universal remote to control any Windows machine giving access to all major features of Windows PC without even touching it. These apps uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, server and client app to set up and control windows PC/ laptop.

Here are 2 Apps to control your Windows powered Machine using your Android Smartphone

1. WIN-Remote Control

WIN Remote Control is ultimate app that can control your Windows machine using your android smartphone. The app controls the windows machine by establishing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. You need to install server on windows machine and app on smartphone.You need to start the app and the server and connect them using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering. Then you can control all the popular features of windows PC or laptop wirelessly using your smartphone.

You can use the app as remote desktop to have a remote view of your windows machine. The app gives you ability to control the music on your windows pc/ laptop using your smart phone, open apps like windows media player, VLC or media center.

With the task manager, you can view the current memory and CPU usage, use the power controls to give commands to your PC/laptop or even use widgets to control your PC/laptop.

The inbuilt file manager allows streaming the files, upload/download them using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi  and open them quickly. You can view photos or open the image editors/viewers like picasa remotely using your smart phone.

The inbuilt controls for mouse and keyboard can easily be used for browsing or doing any other complex task. The app also has browser controls with useful quick buttons to add tabs, fill address bar, zoom, close tab or search.

The app also has remote market that allows users to install other remote apps from market place.

The presentation feature gives easy control over PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and PDF files.

Developer: Banamalon OG

Availability: Free and Paid on Google Play, Server Download 

2. Windows 8 Controller

This Windows 8 PC controller app gives ability to control your Windows 8 machine using android smart phone via Wi-Fi tethering. What is unique about this app is ability to use Windows 8 multi-touch gestures as if you are using any Windows 8 powered tablet. To control your Windows 8 machine using smart phone, you need to install this app on your smart phone and Windows 8 controller server app on your Windows 8 machine. Once you have done that, open app and server application, use automatic or manual connection mechanism to set up connection using Wi-Fi tethering (via Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi network).

The app gives you plenty of Windows 8 shortcuts like ability to open Desktop, Start screen, open or close app, use Windows charm, search files, search settings, show all apps or quickly control the volume of your PC/laptop.

You can use shortcuts like open Computer, control panel, task manager, settings, command prompt, calculator. You can search Google, YouTube, open Facebook or Twitter using this just a single touch.

The Pro version also gives you ability to use power control functions like lock, shutdown,restart, sleep, log off or hibernate the machine.

The add group feature allows user to add custom tiles with the features of their choice. The app supports all the Windows 8 touch multi-touch gestures like swipe to the left or right, pinch, swipe from top to close app. Along with these features you can use file manager to view files, browser controls for IE, Firefox and Chrome gives ability to browse internet on your machine with ease.

The windows media player, YouTube, Netflix, Winamp, Spotify and VLC controller comes handy while playing or streaming media content wirelessly on your Windows 8 powered machine using smart phone. You can also use tilt feature to go forward and backward in web browser.

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The mouse and virtual keyboard control gives easy and painless control over your Windows 8 machine mouse and keyboard. The app supports auto connect feature and is easy to use.

Developer: Kerim Kaynakci

Availability: Free and Paid on Google Play, Server Download

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