There is something extremely romantic about Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) for every kid who grew up in 90s. It personified a hero that could be a commoner, a heroine who could be bold yet traditional at the same time and two different styles of fathers that existed in our country.

DDLJ embodied the changing face of India; India’s modern avatar on the 70 mm screen.

Here are a few iconic scenes we’ve selected from the movie that let you travel to a journey that India has enjoyed for 19 years till now.

We hope the journey never ends.

Scene 1:

The beautiful bond between Raj and his father played by Shah Rukh Khan and Anupam Kher respectively. It makes one believe how cool it would be to have a father like this.


Scene 2:

This scene starring Raj and Simran (Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol) is the essence of the movie. In the scene the iconic “palat, palat, palat” dialogue is played which still creates a lot of fervour even today.


Scene 3:

One of the most hilarious scenes not only in the movie but the Hindi movie industry in general. This scene stars Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) accidently meeting Simran’s father (Amrish Puri) in India after his short spat with him in London. Watch out for the chemistry both of them share.


Scene 4:

Another extremely funny scene starring Raj and Simran’s father is when both of them meet to feed birds in a large field in Punjab. Watch it to have a hearty laugh today.


Scene 5:

The climax scene of DDLJ oozes with a lot of drama, passion, action and romance. This scene is a treasured one as it is viewed with what Hindi cinema is all about.

19 years have passed since DDLJ mesmerized our hearts with its sincerity. Our love for the movie hasn’t vanished; maybe it has increased manifolds. DDLJ is all about memories and well, they don’t die that easily.

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