10 Smart SEO Tactics To Increase Page Ranking

10 Smart SEO Tactics To Increase Page Ranking

Search engine optimization is a sort of process by which the ranking for your website is increase in the search engines. Usually, there are two types of search engine optimization’s, the White hat SEO and the black hat SEO.

The White hat SEO follows the guidelines or parameters of the search engines and then work according to the same guidelines and parameters. Whereas, the black hat SEO do not follow such guidelines or parameters of the search engines, and they try to spam the results.

There are certain SEO tactics to increase your page rankings. These are applications which only applicable for white hat SEO search engine rankings.

1. To remain smart on Page Amendments

You have to make certain changes or amendments on your page according the keywords that you have selected. Doing some amendments on behalf of Meta tags are very much important before you can execute any further optimization tricks on behalf of your page.

2. Submitting to the Directory

Submitting directly to the directory is considering as the most popular tactics to enhance search engine rankings for your website. You should always focus on trying to submit on all web directories that are available today. You should submit at least once in those directories.

3. Posting in the Forums

Forum posting is considered as an old and very popular method for obtaining different back links by simply having a link of your online website on the signature portion of that particular online forum. There are many forums that allow visitors to post their signatures and it is the kind of area where you can also post your website’s URL in order to get a back link.

4. Creation of Blogs

You can create blog on behalf of your website in order to increase or generate more traffic, as well as the popularity of your website. So, it is very essential for you to create blog and make sure that your blog post should attract visitors as well as many search engines bots in order to visit at your blog page.

5. Submission of Blog

After creation of your blog, you can submit it to various directories in order to increase the number of back links on behalf of your online blog. This will be boosting effort on behalf of your search engine optimization campaign

6. Submitting Articles

The greatest to increase number of back links is to submit articles related to your niche to various online articles submitting websites. It is one of the powerful tactic to increase your page rankings.

7. Bookmarking on Social Media

Social media is a very good source of increasing your website’s popularity, but also they will give you number of back links in order to increase your search engine rankings.

8. Creation of RSS Feed

RSS feed is said to be very simple, and they are gaining a lot of popularity among online users these days. Creating RSS feeds on regular basis will certainly help you to enhance your website’s popularity, but your website will also grow rapidly.

9. Submission of RSS Feeds

After creating RSS feeds, then they need to be submitted on various RSS feed submission websites.

10. Commenting on Blogs

You can make use of available blogs for search engine optimization purposes. In order to comment on blogs, you need to collect good information that is specifically related to your website.

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