YouTube Music Gets Lyrics Support on Android

YouTube Music Gets Lyrics Support on Android
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YouTube Music recently gained support for personalized playlists and now, the streaming service has gradually started rolling out in-built lyrics on its Android app.

You can access the lyrics by tapping the “info” button present to the left of the track’s title on the ‘Now Playing’ screen. On tapping this button, a panel will appear to show you the number of views, likes, quick access to the artist and album pages, along with the lyrics. The lyrics aren’t synced with the track, as is the case in Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music, so you will have to scroll to see all of it.

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The lyrics are sourced from LyricFind, the same service responsible for showing you song lyrics when you perform a quick Google Search for your favorite tunes. However, you will not be seeing lyrics for all the songs accessible in the app just yet.

YouTube Music users who got the feature mention that most of the licensed songs of verified artists now have lyrics. Meanwhile, the app also shows lyrics on some music videos while the audio version lacks the same.

With all that said, it’s worth noting that the lyrics integration will not be exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers. YouTube Music users without a Premium subscription have also spotted the feature in their app.

Make sure you have updated to the latest build of YouTube Music on Android to use the feature. Do note that this is a server-side rollout and hence, it might take some time to reach your device. The feature was missing on all the phones I checked at the Beebom office.

Like other new features, we could expect the lyrics integration to expand to iOS and the web in the future. So, have you got the lyrics feature in your YouTube Music app? Let us know in the comments.

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