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Xiaomi Fan Spends More Than Rs. 77 Lakhs on Mi Devices in One Go

xiaomi devices

Apart from developing smartphones, Xiaomi manufactures various other kinds of smart electronic devices for consumers. The company, other than being a popular smartphone-maker, is also known for its unusual and innovative home products. So, if you are a fan of the company, I am sure you’re not as big as the man who recently spent a whopping $100,000 on a full set of Xiaomi’s home products.

According to a recent report, a resident of China and a big fan of the brand recently purchased a whole set of Xiaomi products that were on display in a Xiaomi store. The man shared a video of his action on Douyin, the Chinese name for TikTok.

So, as shown in his video, the receipt for his purchase is pretty long as it includes the array of products that he bought from the store. You can check out the picture of the bill right below.

Xiaomi fan spends Rs 77 lakhs 1
Image via: Gizmochina

Now, as you can see in the image above, the man purchased 690,000 yuan worth of Xiaomi devices. This, when converted to USD, is $104,880 (~Rs. 77,24,779).

Well, that is a lot of Xiaomi products for the man considering the company’s cheap pricing strategy. Moreover, the man is from China, which is the home country of the company. Hence, all the latest Xiaomi devices were readily available for the man to purchase, unlike in other foreign countries.

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