New Demo Shows Xbox Series X Will Be Able to Convert SDR Games to HDR

xbox series x hardware specs revealed

As Microsoft prepares to launch the next-gen Xbox — the Xbox Series X, more news about the upcoming gaming console has started to emerge. We already know the full specs of the next Xbox. Now, in a recent demo of the Xbox Series X, the Redmond-based company showed how the console can not only run the previous legacy titles with upscaled resolutions but can also give the games a convincing-looking HDR, even if a title is available in standard dynamic range (SDR).

Being the most powerful gaming console, the Xbox Series X will be able to upgrade old games to look like a brand new. According to the company, both the visual features — the upscaled resolution and the HDR upgrades will be delivered by the hardware of the new Xbox. Hence, no extra software input by the game developers will be needed.

So this means that the Xbox Series X will be able to provide the aforementioned features to previous titles right out of the box. We all know by now that the Series X’s backward compatibility support will add four generations worth of Xbox titles for the players to enjoy. Now, with these visual upgrades, players will be able to enjoy the earlier games in a high definition with a wide range of colours.

However, the only concern which arises about the features is the perfect conversion from SDR to HDR. Although numerous modern TVs allow converting media from SDR to HDR using their own built-in systems, the results are not that satisfactory or convincing enough. So, even if the console converts the games from HDR to SDR, the TVs will struggle to show the exact results of the conversion.

Nonetheless, these features only add more hype for the upcoming Xbox Series X, while Sony struggles with their PS5.

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