Where to Start Demon Slayer Manga After Anime Season 4?

In Short
  • After watching Demon Slayer Season 4, you can start reading the manga from Chapter 140, which marks the beginning of the Infinity Castle arc.
  • Since the Demon Slayer manga has already ended, fans have a total of 60 chapters worth of material to finish the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko.

Demon Slayer Season 4 was the shortest installment of the anime series from Ufotable. It adapts the Hashira Training arc from Koyoharu Gotoge’s manga series. As expected, the anime’s fourth season ended on a teary but spectacular note despite being an eight-episodic series. However, as the anime series inches toward its conclusion with the Demon Slayer Infinity Castle movie trilogy, many might be wondering – where should they start reading the manga after Season 4. Well, here’s the answer.

Where to Start Reading Demon Slayer Manga After Season 4?

Muzan in the finale of Demon Slayer season 4
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After watching the fourth season, avid readers can start reading the Demon Slayer manga from chapter 140, which marks the beginning of the exhilarating Infinity Castle arc. However, I would also suggest going through Chapter 139 again for a quick recap of the events that happened at the end of the Hashira Training arc.

Since the beginning, Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji has been the biggest threat to humanity, and he was also the one who created the demons. After losing his entire family except for his sister, Tanjiro trained hard to contribute significantly to eradicating the Demon King and his forces. And now, the Demon Slayer Corps, including Tanjiro, his friends, and the Hashiras, are one step closer to taking down Muzan. But, they are transported to the Infinity Castle in the Demon Slayer Season 4 ending.

Demon Slayer Chapter 140 picks up from where Season 4 ends, showing all the Hashira, Tanjiro, and others falling down into the Infinity Castle. This chapter sees everyone find their footing and fight a few filthy monsters before coming face to face with the Upper Moon demons.

Once you begin reading the Inifnity Castle arc, you can complete the Demon Slayer manga as you won’t have to wait for a new chapter release. The manga has already concluded with chapter 205, which featured an action-packed yet emotional ending.

To finish the Demon Slayer manga, you have to go through the Infinity Castle Arc and the Sunrise Countdown Arc, which is around 60 chapters in total left for you to read.

Where Does Demon Slayer Season 4 End?

Strongest Characters of Demon Slayer
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Demon Slayer Season 4 adapts the Hashira Training arc in its entirety, starting with Chapter 128 and concluding with Chapter 139. To be precise, it covered volumes 15 and 16 of the manga.

Indeed, eleven chapters from the manga wouldn’t have been sufficient for an eight-episodic season, so the creators filled the anime with several exclusive sequences. For instance — at the beginning of the first episode, we saw Sanemi, the Wind Hashira, and Obanai, the Serpent Hashira, fighting a demon responsible for kidnapping civilians. That was never a part of the original manga. Besides that, the creators had to add some anime-only scenes to keep fans invested.

The entire fourth season was all about the backstories and learning about the personality traits of the Hashiras in Demon Slayer. Along with them, we also witnessed Tanjiro’s evolution as a skilled fighter. However, as Muzan shows up at the Ubuyashiki estate in the Hashira Training arc ending, things take a darker turn in the Animanga series.

That said, are you planning to start reading the manga after season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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