meeting by vu hardware

‘Meeting by Vu’ Launched as an All-in-One Video Meeting Solution for Businesses and Teams

meeting by vu hardware

Display company Vu has today announced its foray into a new category. With a long list of 4K TVs under its belt, the company is now entering the business space with its new offering “Meeting by Vu”.

The solution aims to provide users the quality of traditional room based meeting systems as well as the ease of use of software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex.

Meeting by Vu will consist of all the hardware needed for remote meetings. Users will get a 4K display (in a range of sizes), a high definition webcam, and a sophisticated speaker and mic system. There will be a Windows 10 PC built into the display itself, making the entire set-up an all encompassing solution for audio video collaborations.

The system is available in three packages: Executive, Team, and Conference, each aimed at different types of use cases and team sizes. While the Executive system is aimed at solo professionals working from home, Team is aimed at small teams of 4 to 6 people and Conference is aimed at large teams and offers a professional camera and 15x optical zoom with pan/tilt functions.

Meeting by Vu Specifications


The Executive variant comes with a 4K camera with remote control and 4X digital zoom along with pan, tilt, and zoom functions. You get a 4-way mic array with noise suppression and far field voice pickup.

It also features 4K displays in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch & 100-inch sizes with 450 nits brightness.


The Team edition also comes with a 4K camera, but offers 83 degree or 120 degree field of view. Similar to the executive edition, you get a remote control with support for pan, tilt, and zoom functions. You also get a 4-way mic array with noise suppression and far field voice pickup. There’s also a second camera, which also offers 4K resolution with the same 83 or 120 degree FOV options.

The Team edition also features 4K displays in the same sizes as the Executive edition, with 450 nits brightness.


In the conference variant, you get a primary camera with 85 degree field of view and support for 15X optical zoom. It also comes with motorized pan, tilt, and zoom functionality and low light support. There’s a secondary camera as well, which offers the choice between 83 or 120 degree fields of view and offers 4x digital zoom.

The displays are the same as the Executive and Team variants. You get 4K panels in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch, and 100-inch sizes with 450 nits brightness.

Pricing for Meeting by Vu hardware starts from ₹1.35lakh, all the way up to ₹8.5lakh.

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