Today while browsing through Reddit, I figured out that some Reddit user, CasinoRoy is getting a lot of up-votes for his project in which he perfectly recreated profile pictures of people having same name as his and then sending them friend requests.

In total, He made 8 imitations which are very brilliantly done. Expressions, Clothing, background, everything is perfectly replicated. Here are some pics depicting his work,

Replicating Facebook profile pics

Replicating Facebook profile pics

You can see his complete work here.

Another guy named Dan Manina has been doing similar project with his already existing friends since May this year. Till Now, he has perfectly recreated profile pics of more than 130 Facebook friends. Here are some pics showing his work,

Both of them are really good in replicating the whole scene of original profile picture but there is something more besides this which gives Dan Manina’s project upper hand.

And the thing is that If you have imitated your friend’s profile picture or you have plans to. Dan has created a sub-site where you can publish your work for the world to see it, That’s what he says. Hers’s the Link.

The two guys mentioned above are not related and doing their projects separately.

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