Trendosaur- Find the Best Products to Sell Online

Trendosaur: Find the Best Products to Sell Online

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With the age of e-commerce not showing any signs of slowing, more and more people are heading online to shop for their favorite products. In fact, it’s been shown that consumers are spending more than 2 trillion dollars each year on their online spending habits. Of course, that means that companies like eBay and Amazon are reaping profits throughout the globe, but studies are showing that the market also has demand for those smaller, specialized stores focusing on industry niches internationally.

With the click of a button, it’s now possible for almost any business-minded individual to make money in e-commerce. Services like Shopify and Squarespace have completely simplified the process, and if you don’t want to run your own online store, you can even just become a seller on Amazon or eBay itself.

That said, finding a place to sell a product is just one piece of the puzzle, and if you want to become a successful online retailer and set yourself up financially, you need to consider your process. One of the biggest hurdles new online retailers face is knowing which products they should sell, as well as where these products should be sourced from. If you’re a budding online retailer in this position, Trendosaur was built with you in mind.

Trendosaur is an online e-commerce service designed to save online retailers time and money in the product research and sourcing space. Trendosaur’s Trending Product Reports offers users a curated catalog of products currently trending in the market, and in this article, we look closer at whether Trendosaur might be useful for your unique journey to becoming a successful online retailer.

Key Features

  • Get Curated Catalog of Trending Products

While global retailers like Amazon and eBay have teams of thousands sourcing products and online markets, small retailers are often left guessing what to buy and sell online. That’s where Trendosaur comes in. Trendosaur’s Trending Product Reports analyze millions of publicly listed sales from online retailers like Amazon, eBay and AliBaba, and delivers evidence based on qualified sales information. Each report uses Trendosaur’s up-to-date algorithms to sift through market data and brings you a list of trending products in the market, including suggested buy/sell rates for your store. With Trendosaur, you don’t have to guess what products to sell, you simply need to assess options based on qualified, market data.


  • Get a List of Suppliers

As well as generating a custom list of products to sell online, Trendosaur takes things a step further and collates a recommended suppliers list, providing three of the most suitable traders or factories to purchase the products from. This means that users not only receive product recommendations, but a list of suppliers where one can source those products. Most of these suppliers are also dropship friendly, so you don’t have to maintain an inventory.


  • Get Selling and Buying Price Info

Along with a list of potential products and suppliers, Trendosaur also provides detailed information on the pricing of a product. With its reports, you can always find the best ‘sell price’ as well as buying price for the products you want to sell. That not only helps to analyze profit margins, it allows one to easily undercut the competition if desired.


Ease of Use

Trendosaur is intentionally designed to be simple and easy to use. After providing relevant information around target markets and product categories, Trendosaur’s Trending Product Reports will analyze your data and generate a report of 20 relevant products and suppliers in your particular product category.

On a subscription model, users will receive these reports twice a month,  allowing you to stay on top of changing market trends and data. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Trendosaur report

Pricing and Availability

Trendosaur is available to any online retailer or aspiring ecommerce afficionado. Whether you run an online store using services like Shopify or Squarespace, or sell products on Amazon or eBay, Trendosaur can be used to gain powerful insight into trending products to maximize sales globally.

The subscription service is fixed at a cost of $19USD/month, or you can alternatively generate a single report for $19USD.


  • Easy to use and suitable for everyone
  • Gives a list of products with the most potential demand
  • A list of suppliers always comes in handy


  • There’s no free trial available yet

Take Your Online Retail Business to New Heights with Trendosaur

Trendosaur is an online service which gives an easy insight into the trending and products and list of suppliers to source those products from. If you are an online retailer who is selling products on a whim and not succeeding, try out Trendosaur as it is certainly going to help you in selling more products and earning more money.

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