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How to Install and Use New Windows 10 Terminal App

Announced earlier this year at Build 2019, Microsoft's Windows 10 Terminal app is seemingly turning out to be a boon for developers and those...

You Can Now Use Instagram On the Terminal, Because Why Not?

When was the last time you used the terminal on your computer? Unless you’re a programmer, or you’re just obsessed with the Terminal like...
How to Change MAC Address on Mac

How to Change MAC Address on Mac Easily

A MAC address, or a Media Access Control address, is a unique identifier that is assigned to the network interface of a machine. On...
15 Best Linux Emulators for Linux

15 Best Terminal Emulators for Linux

Have you noticed that articles about Linux terminal emulators usually say something like "the terminal is not scary"? Well, they're not wrong. The terminal...
Mac Terminal Commands

30 Mac Terminal Commands to Access Hidden Features

Everyone loves hidden features. There's a reason we call them "Easter Eggs", it's like receiving a present from your device. Hidden features may seem gimmicky, but,...