Google Stadia new profile page

Stadia Rolls out New Profile Page with Games & Friends List

Google Stadia new profile page

Google Stadia made its official debut nearly a year ago. The service was barebones at the start, with many of the promised features missing in action. Google has since not only perked up the game library (with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Just Dance 2021 being the latest additions) but also the feature set for Stadia. The player profile pages have now gotten a facelift, displaying more details than ever before.

First spotted by Twitter user @deOlhoNoStadia, the new profile pages show off your profile picture along with your status at the top. It then offers you the option to edit your privacy settings and share your profile with others. Hitting the share button automatically copies your profile link to the clipboard.

Just like the profile page on any other gaming platform, be it Steam or PlayStation 4, Google also shows a list of games you own, along with achievements for each of them. The achievements are tucked away and you will have to click on the game title to see them. It is followed by the friends list, which is a nifty touch. You can tap on your friend’s name and click ‘View Profile’ to see the games they play and their friends list.

As 9to5Google points out, the profile page can look different for different users. It is dependent on the privacy settings – whether they want others to be able to see their achievements and friends list. Stadia enables you to hide the same from the settings menu, which is great. You can remove or invite friends to the party from their profile page.

How do you access your profile page on Google Stadia? You can simply click on your profile picture at the top right and jump into your profile from there. Otherwise, you can head to—— (where the dash represents your profile ID) in your browser to check out your profile.

The new profile page only seems to be live on the Stadia website for now. We expect them to reach the mobile app and Chromecast Ultra in the coming weeks. Google is also currently offering YouTube Premium users the $100 Stadia Premiere Edition bundle for free in the US and UK.

Featured Image Courtesy: Twitter/@deOlhoNoStadia

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