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Rainbow Six Mobile: List of All Operators and Their Abilities

If you have read our guide on Rainbow Six Mobile tips and tricks, then you already know how fun yet difficult the game is. Being a PC port of the same-named game, Rainbow Six Mobile also carries over some of its beloved operators. Since every operator in Siege has their style, loadout, and abilities, it can be overwhelming for new players to pick the right one. However, if you are willing to familiarize yourself with them, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile packs a bunch of good operators. But to save you the time to download and sort through every operator in the game, we have compiled a handy list for you. So have a look at available operators in Rainbow Six Mobile right now and learn all about them.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Operators Guide (September 2022)

Since operators in Rainbow Six Mobile are sorted into attackers and defenders, I have done the same in this guide. Depending on which side you want to know about, use the table below to sort through the list.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Attacking Operators

There are a total of eight operators on the attacking side in Rainbow Six Mobile right now with more due to be added soon. However, given the interest in R6 Mobile, Ubisoft has already added some of the favorites, including the infamous Ash. All attacking operators currently in Rainbow Six Mobile are:

1. Sledge

Unique Ability: The Caber – A Breaching Hammer
Primary Weapon: L85A2 assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: SMG-11
Gadget: Frag Grenade

Seamus Cowden aka Sledge is an important attacker in Rainbow Six Mobile. Born in Scotland to parents from a military background, Sledge was always interested in the athletic side of things. Following in his family’s footsteps, Sledge joined the British Army when he was 18 and hasn’t looked back since. After years of service with the SAS, Seamus now works with team Rainbow as one of its operators.

Sledge is a medium armor and speed operator that carries a breaching hammer as his ability. Known as “The Caber,” the hammer swiftly breaches through unreinforced walls and floors. However, even with his strength, Sledge is still an R6M operator best played with deception. Besides the destruction that comes with it, Rainbow Six Mobile gives Sledge the element of surprise. The next time you are on the floor above the site, hammer down the floor to rain some death from above.

Sledge comes with the SAS favorite L85A2 AR that has a low to moderate recoil pattern. Whereas the SMG-11 in his loadout has a lot more recoil, its fire rate will save you when the primary runs out. Also, make sure to use Sledge’s Frag Grenade when you want to smoke out a hidden enemy.

Sledge is an excellent combination of entry fragging and verticality operator. So if you’re someone in the habit of taking charge or raining death from above, take Sledge in Rainbow Six Mobile.

2. Thermite

Unique Ability: Brimstone BC-3 Exothermic Charge
Primary Weapon: 552-Commando AR
Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG pistol
Gadget: Claymore

My personal main on Rainbow Six Siege PC, Jordan Trace aka Thermite is a hard breaching attacker in the mobile port too. Born in Plano, Texas, Jordan joined the army straight out of high school. As a soldier, Jordan was interested in ordinance disposal and worked to earn a degree in Chemistry when he got out. Working his way up the ladder, Trace joined the FBI, and even though he carries some guilt regarding an accident with another agent, he managed to earn a spot on Team Rainbow as an operator.

As an operator, Jordan is a medium health operator who carries two Brimstone BC-3 Exothermic Charges as his unique ability. This is also where he gets his name Thermite from. Unlike Sledge, however, you can deploy Thermite’s charges on all kinds of walls and floors, including reinforced ones. All you need to do is place the charge on a surface, stand back, and detonate it. However, do be careful of Bandit and his ability, as we will explain below.

Thermite’s loadout consists of the 552-Commando, a heavy damage AR that packs a medium rate of fire. You also get a 5.7 USG pistol and claymores as his other weapons. While the pistol will save you in case of the primary running out, claymores will cover runouts.

Thermite’s ability and his loadout make him the perfect breacher. However, make sure to find a buddy who can utilize Thatcher’s abilities because you just might need it.

3. Ash

Unique Ability: M120 CREM – A Breaching Round Launcher
Primary Weapon: R4-C assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG pistol
Gadget: Flash Grenade

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Eliza Cohen aka Ash is an entry fragger in Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. After earning a degree in Structural Engineering, Ash enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces. After excelling in Operation Orchard, Ash then shifted to FBI SWAT and was later recruited by Team Rainbow. Ash possesses a leadership personality and has been known to resolve fights between operators.

Since she’s an entry fragger, Ash is a light armor high-speed operator in Rainbow Six Mobile. Her special ability is the M120 CREM, a breaching round launcher that digs into a surface and detonates. While the CREM cannot blow up reinforced surfaces, it can do a massive amount of damage to them. It can even be shot at deployable gadgets like ballistic shields to blow them up.

Ash has the deadly R4-C, a high-fire range AR that does well in short range. However, the weapon also has a damage drop-off and so is well paired with her secondary 5.7 USG pistol. Since Ash’s personality is more of run and gun, she gets flash grenades as her gadget.

Ash is for the entry fraggers among you. Built purely for the meta of rushing in and eliminating the team, Ash will serve the players who are the same sort perfectly.

4. Glaz

Unique Ability: HDS Thermal Flip Sight
Primary Weapon: OTs-03 marksman rifle
Secondary Weapon: AP30 machine pistol
Gadget: Smoke Grenade

Timur Glazkov aka Glaz is a sniper and is currently the only one in Rainbow Six Mobile. Born in Vladivostok, Russia, Glaz gained acute marksmanship skills while training in an academy. This inspired him to pursue a career in the forces, and he soon found himself in Team Rainbow.

Glaz’s special ability naturally is an HDS Flip Sight for his OTs-03 marksman rifle. His HDS flip sight is special as it’s thermal in nature. This means your scope outlines hostiles through any smoke for full visibility. The scope can easily be toggled on/ off and is very convenient to use.

Glaz comes with his own marksman rifle, which packs devastating damage as his main. You also get an AP30 short-range machine pistol with smoke grenades for obscurity. This loadout fits well with his low armor big-speed setup. Without saying anything, you already know that Glaz is built for sniping. However, if all else fails, his sniper without the scope deals serious damage and can be used to lead the push in fights.

5. Hibana

Unique Ability: X-Kairos Launcher
Primary Weapon: Type-89 CQB AR
Secondary Weapon: 93R burst fire pistol
Gadget: Flash Grenades

The daughter of a local butcher, Himiko Imagawa, was always pushed towards combat and finesse from a younger age. She sought on to perfect her skills and spent the years following her childhood training with different combat units. After cycling through renowned armies, she joined Team Rainbow in 2016.

Imagawa is a skilled operator who started with makeshift explosive devices. However, her unique gadget is the “X-Kairos Launcher,” a projectile launcher that fires explosive pellets. These pellets can attach to nearly all kinds of surfaces, including reinforced ones. However, what makes them different is that they create small holes in walls that you can quickly peek or even vault through.

Hibana’s loadout consists of the Type-89 CQB AR, a rifle famous for its strong damage metrics but low ammo count. In addition, you get the 93R burst fire pistol, along with flash grenades for quick action.

Like Thermite, Hibana is a breacher and is a bit more nuanced. So if you are a player who wants to sneak in through little breached holes, then choose Hibana as your preferred Rainbox Six Mobile operator.

6. Thatcher

Unique Ability: EG MKO-EMP Grenade
Primary Weapon: L1A1 assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: SDP 9mm pistol
Gadget: Claymore

Warrant Officer Class 1 Mike Baker aka Thatcher comes straight out of Bideford, England. Defying family pressure to be nothing more than a dockworker, Thatcher enlisted in service and built his career from there. After serving his time in the military and proving his worth and mettle, Mike was recruited by Team Rainbow.

As an operator in Rainbow Six Mobile, Thatcher comes with a medium speed and armor setup. His unique ability is the “EG MKO-EMP Grenade,” which can be tossed at any surface and emits an electromagnetic pulse. This pulse immobilizes any electronic gadgets around the vicinity. So yeah, Thatcher’s EMP nades affect many operators and stop their abilities for a while.

To complement his personality, Thatcher has the L1A1 assault rifle with a slow rate of fire but high damage. The SDP 9mm pistol, while it does only average damage but serves its purpose well. To counteract roamers, Thatcher also gets claymores to watch his back.

With his EMP grenades that knock out all electronic gadgets, Thatcher is the perfect gadget disabler. Make sure to pick him alongside Thermite to create a good player combo in Rainbow Six Mobile.

7. Twitch

Unique Ability: Shock Drone
Primary Weapon: F2 Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: P9 pistol
Gadget: Claymore

Emmanuelle Pichon aka Twitch is a medium armor and speed operator hailing from France. Born in a family encouraging academics, Pichon found herself joining the cadets at the age of sixteen. Her talents propelled her career and she soon found herself in GIGN, followed by the Rainbow Six team after a few years.

As a talented Anti-Gadget operator in Siege, Twitch’s special ability is the complex yet useful Shock Drone. Unlike those standard drones you get with each operator, Twitch’s drones are capable of destroying enemy gadgets completely with a single shot. However, do remember these drones emit a humming noise compared to standard drones, which might give them away. Nevertheless, shock drones are a powerful addition.

As for her loadout, Twitch gets an F2 assault rifle with an extremely high rate of fire. To complement this, she also has the P9 pistol that packs a powerful punch. Like many other operators, she also receives claymores to watch her back.

While similar to Thatcher’s EMP grenades, Twitch’s shock drones can eliminate gadgets permanently. So if you are someone who likes to play support, pick Twitch.

8. Ying

Unique Ability: Candela Flash Charge
Primary Weapon: T-95 LSW light machine gun
Secondary Weapon: LFP586 revolver
Gadget: Breach Charge

Siu Mei Lin (also called Ying) is a medium armor and speed operator. Born in Hong Kong, Ying developed exploration interests and combined the same with power by becoming an operative. After going through various combat operations, units, and fights with other ops, Ying found herself in Team Rainbow in 2017.

Ying is an operator excelling in crowd control. As such, her special ability is the Candela Flash Charge, a throwable cluster of flash charges. When thrown in a room with people, the Candela temporarily blinds anyone in its range. You can easily stick the charges to the surface, and hence, it is perfect for enemy windows. Ying can then use the chaos caused to rush in and take control.

Ying gets the capable and high fire rate T-95 LSW light machine gun combined with the LFP586 revolver. She also gets breach charges combined with her breaching capabilities.

A good complement to Ash, Ying is an operator best picked by players who love to blind their enemies and rush in. So go on and use her Candelas to push the element of surprise.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Defending Operators

Like attackers, Rainbow Six Mobile has added eight different defenders to the game. The defenders range from gadget deniers to intel gatherers and anti-breachers. The full list of defenders and their abilities in Rainbow Six Mobile are as under:

1. Jager

Unique Ability: Magpie Defense System
Primary Weapon: 416-C Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: P9 Pistol
Gadget: Barbed Wire

Marius “Jäger” Streicher is a medium armor and speed operator hailing from Germany. Raised by his uncle who was a mechanic, Marius was constantly around engines and mechanical parts. However, seeking more in life, he sought to study and train for flight. After he was done working as a helicopter technician, Jager started developing his own Active Defense System (ADS) prototype, which led him to join Team Rainbow.

This Magpie Defense System is what gives Jager his unique ability. Easily peaceable on grounds and walls, the ADS system intercepts and destroys live grenades. The ADS works for all sorts of projectiles and has a pretty good range. However, remember that attackers like Thatcher and Twitch can immobilize it.

Jager gets the 416-C assault rifles, known for its long-range capabilities combined with raw power. His arsenal also has the dependable P9 pistol along with the barbed wire to slow down his enemies.

Players tired of grenades and gadgets should use Jager as their main defender, as he is the perfect gadget denier in Rainbow Six Mobile.

2. Rook

Unique Ability: R1N Rhino Armor Plates
Primary Weapon: MP5 Submachine Gun
Secondary Weapon: D50 Pistol
Gadget: Deployable Shield

Julien Nizan aka Rook was born in France and always possessed an interest in athletics and planning. It was that interest that made him join the Highway Patrol Unit. After thriving in his unit, he joined the GIGN, and soon, Team Rainbow Six (now on mobile). Rook has been shown to work well with other operators, including fellow GIGN member Twitch.

Rook is a heavy armor and low-speed operator, and well, his ability revolves around the concept. His special ability is a set of R1N Rhino armor plates that he carries with him. The Rhino armor adds damage resistance to each teammate and makes them harder to go down. Each member of the team gets an armor plate but only once.

Rook gets the heavily reliant and high-fire MP5 submachine gun along with the extra damaging D50 pistol. Since Rook’s ability is towards protecting teammates, he also gets a deployable shield. Give this reliant operator in Rainbow Six Mobile a try.

Rook is the perfect support defender with his reinforced armor plates and heavyset built himself. If you are willing to help your fellow teammates out, take Rook without hesitation.

3. Bandit

Unique Ability: Shock Wires
Primary Weapon: MP7 submachine gun
Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG
Gadget: Barbed Wire

Dominic “Bandit” Brunsmeier is a capable operator with light armor but heavy speed defender abilities in Rainbow Six Mobile. Coming from Germany, Bandit has a history in policing and combat units. Diving deeper into solving crime, he went undercover in Hells Angels, and that was where he excelled and made his own gadget prototype. He was finally recruited to Team Rainbow and has been here since.

Bandit’s own invention is four electrical batteries also called Shock Wires. These shock wires can be deployed near walls. Once active, they emit a strong electric current that carries through reinforced walls. This makes Bandit an excellent gadget denier as he can destroy Thermite’s charges and Hibana’s pellets.

For his loadout, Bandit gets the MP7 submachine gun that has a high rate of fire, along with the 5.7 USG pistol and barbed wire to slow enemies down.

Serving as a hard counter to Thermite and other breach charges, Bandit is an excellent choice for players who want a gadget denier. So the next time you boot up Rainbow Six Mobile, take Bandit without hesitation.

4. Caveira

Unique Ability: Silent Step
Primary Weapon: Origin-12 Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Luision Pistol
Gadget: Impact Grenade

One of my personal favorites and much loved in the R6 community, Taina “Caveira” Pereira is a light armor and high-speed defending operator in Rainbow Six Mobile. Born in Sao Paulo and stricken with poverty, Taina had a difficult childhood. However, she found solace in her grandmother, who taught her the art of interrogation.

Using her skills and given a choice between joining BOPE or going to jail, she picked the latter. That was where she found herself recruited by Team Rainbow. Possessing extreme skill in the art of information extraction, Caveira’s special ability is two-fold. Known as The Silent Step, Cav can hide her movement sounds and sneak up on unaware enemies. She can then injure them and consequently interrogate them to find the enemy’s team location.

Since Cav is built on force yet subtlety, her loadout reflects the same. She gets an Origin-12 shotgun combined with her Luision pistol. She also gets impact grenades to quickly make rotations and run back to the site. Players heavily into the art of deception should pick Cav in Rainbow Six Mobile.

5. Kapkan

Unique Ability: Entry Denial Device
Primary Weapon: 9x19VSN submachine gun
Secondary Weapon: Bailiff 410 handgun
Gadget: Barbed Wire

Maxim “Kapkan” Basuda was born in Russia and learned early in life the importance of intelligence gathering and military. Growing up in a military-influenced home, Basuda soon found himself working for Internal Affairs to escape hardship. It was there he learned all kinds of skills, including hostage rescue. His efforts soon led him into Spetsnaz and then into Team Rainbow.

Suiting his medium health and speed setup, Kapkan’s special ability is his homemade Entry Denial Devices. Tallying five in totality, these mines can be drilled onto all kinds of doorways and windows. Acting as a trap for those who walk into the door, the mine will explode and neutralize the targets.

Kapkan gets the 9x19VSN submachine gun with excellent recoil control alongside the powerful Bailiff 410 handgun. To make his traps harder to spot, he also gets barbed wire that you can deploy.

If you’re the kind of player into hunting and want to catch your enemies unaware, take Kapkan and laugh like a madman as they walk into your traps.

6. Mute

Unique Ability: GC90 Signal Disruptors
Primary Weapon: M590A1 shotgun
Secondary Weapon: AP30 machine pistol
Gadget: Remote C4

Mark R. Chandar aka Mute is a medium speed and armor defender in Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. Mark was born in York, England, and always had finer talent than others. He was quickly noticed by some important people and got into the University of Cambridge, where he majored in electronics and computers, he soon joined the government, the SAS, and soon after Team Rainbow.

Because of his background in electronics, Mute has the GC90 “Moni” Signal Disruptors as his unique ability. These disruptors or jammers are portable devices that you can place on all floors. These jammers block out enemy gadgets like Thermite’s exothermic charges and standard breach charges. While these jammers can be disabled by Thatcher or Twitch, they are useful nonetheless.

While Mute might sound subtle, his loadout sure isn’t. He gets the M590A1 shotgun as his primary and the AP30 machine pistol as his secondary gun in his loadout. To cause even more damage, he gets a remotely detonated C4.

Mute is an operator best played by support players along with gadget denial. However, if you feel adventurous, then you can take him to roam the map once you deploy your jammers.

7. Smoke

Unique Ability: Compound Z8 Gas Grenades
Primary Weapon: M500 shotgun
Secondary Weapon: SMG-11
Gadget: Deployable Shield

James Porter aka Smoke is a medium speed and armor operator that might just scare you. Born in London, England, Smoke was almost always interested in science and unorthodox methods. Using a forged ID, James joined the British Army and soon found himself on the Army boxing team. That was also how he found himself in SAS, and after some time, Team Rainbow.

As an operator, Smoke is focused on entry denial and as such has a similar ability. Dubbed “Compound Z8,” he carries a set of three gas grenades that Smoke carries on his person. True to their name, these gas canisters damage and eventually eliminate anyone who breathes them in. Smoke can throw these grenades like a remote projectile, and hence, has a long range.

Like Mute, Smoke also carries a shotgun, albeit a different one. He carries the M500 primary shotgun along with SMG-11. For protection, Smoke gets a deployable shield in Rainbow Six Mobile. Since Smoke is a good entry denier, he is a good fit for people who love to anchor on site. Make sure to use those grenades when the countdown hits.

8. Valkyrie

Unique Ability: Black Eye Cameras
Primary Weapon: MPX submachine gun
Secondary Weapon: Keratos .40 revolver
Gadget: Remote C4

One of the most important intel gatherers in Rainbow Six Mobile, Meghan J. “Valkyrie” Castellano, is a medium speed and armor defender. Coming from a research and military background, Meghan enlisted in the US Navy in the early 2000s. After rigorous training and education, she went and joined Team Rainbow along with a fellow operator who isn’t on Rainbow Six Mobile yet.

Valkyrie’s special ability is her Black Eye Camera, a gyro cam that easily attaches to any surface. Focused on being versatile and useful, her cameras can showcase a full 360-degree view of the surroundings if it has the space. You can stick her black eye camera to any surface. All team members can view Valk’s feeds, but do remember that they will be affected by Thatcher and Twitch.

Valkyrie’s loadout includes the MPX Submachine gun alongside the powerful Keratos .40 revolver. Like Mute, she also gets the C4 explosive in Rainbow Six Mobile.

The defender Valkyrie is best suited to players who love to gather intel around the map and relay the same to their team. For a better effect, pair her cameras up with Mute’s jammers, and you are golden.

Best Rainbow Six Mobile Attacker

While operators like Ash and Ying do come close to being the best attackers, Sledge is currently the best attacker one can pick in Rainbow Six Mobile.

No matter if you are a new player or a veteran, Sledge represents a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Being a medium speed and armor operator, he packs enough power and swiftness to protect you against bullets and run from them. That is only made better by his powerful loadout of the hard-hitting L582AR assault rifle, alongside the SMG-11 and frag grenades.

The nail in your enemy’s coffins can be hammered by his Caber, the big breaching hammer that can not only destroy unreinforced walls but also floors. This lends Sledge a lot of versatility in Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. So no matter at what stage you’re in the game right now, try Sledge out and let us know if you feel he’s the best pick.

Best Rainbow Six Mobile Defender

While using Caveira‘s abilities properly is something that only comes with time, she is currently the best defender in Rainbow Six Mobile.

Caveira is a defender that brings something unique to the table in R6 Siege. While her low armor loadout might see you die sometimes, her high speed will let you run away quickly. Pair that up with her devastating shotgun and Luision pistol, she is a force to be reckoned with.

However, what makes her the best is her Silent Step ability combined with interrogation. Sneaking around like a snake, Cav is capable of quieting down to the lowest degree. She can then use her sneakiness and pounce on unsuspecting attackers to get more information. And if she does get overwhelmed, she can use her speed and ability together to quietly slinker away. This makes her the best defender in Rainbow Six Mobile right now.

Find Your Favorite Rainbow Six Mobile Operator Here

We hope you found your desired attacker or defender role from this Rainbow Six Mobile operators guide. If you have found your pick and just started out, do check out your Rainbow Six Siege Mobile tips and tricks guide to get better. Once you are done playing a few matches, do come back and let us know if your pick worked out in the comments below.

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