5 Best Free Online PDF To Word Converters

It has indeed been a long while since you’ve been using PDF documents — Portable Document Format that is known for the power of working everywhere —, even before you came to know how these documents are made; Today, it’s not possible to think of offices and digital world without this working-everywhere document format. However, now, there are several tools that help you create, convert and edit PDF files, quite easily.

Today, we have come up with a list of top 5 free online PDF to Word Converters. By using these tools, you will be able to convert any PDF file to Word file, despite some internal regulations. However, it seems better than installing a dedicated converter and dealing with installation stuff and everything. We had used all these tools and we will talk about these tools based on our experience.

1. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a completely-free-to-use online tool to convert your PDF files into Word files, just as it is possible for you to convert the same into various Office and image formats. Although there is a lot of a PDF-editing-based feature, we are considering the PDF to Word section only. Using this online service is incredibly easy and we loved it.

First, you’d have to select the PDF file from dialogue box or drop it in the browser screen. In seconds — well, minutes if you have a slower internet connection — to finish uploading and converting. After conversion, you can either download file or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive, for later use — both options work smoothly. In our experience, Smallpdf kept the quality of document without increasing file size. In short, we’d say Smallpdf is an awesome choice you have when it’s your necessity to get your PDF document converted into DOCX format.

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2. Go4Convert

Just like the aforementioned one, Go4Convert is a completely free tool to perform different kinds of conversions between PDF and other document formats. Coming to our concerned section that is PDF to DOCX conversion, you’ve a simple method to follow. You have to follow the link we have given below, choose the file using the dialogue box & click on the Start Convert button. Depending upon size of file you have selected, it might take a few seconds or a few minutes to finish upload and you have to keep yourself in the page, all the time. After conversion, the target file will automatically be downloaded into your PC. We uploaded a 180-page PDF file of around 600 KB size and what we got back was a 700 KB-weighing DOC file, with the same text quality kept.

We loved not only the simple process but also the lower file size Go4Convert has when it comes to action.

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3. CloudConvert

PDF to DOC conversion section of CloudConvert is indeed an impressive thing, as the service brings an advanced kind of PDF conversion procedure. The best thing that we loved about CloudConvert is the ability to choose multiple files, from your computer, URL or storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. After selecting, you can click on ‘Start Conversion’ button, upon which the conversion process will be started. However, there are some additional tasks to do at the end of conversion procedure, such as mailing you, saving the converted file into Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

It is to be noted that CloudConvert takes more time to perform the same file when compared to other tools we mentioned here. Also, the file size is high, around 5 times of Smallpdf or Go4Convert. Yet, we think CloudConvert will be an awesome option, at least for the advanced features you can have, accompanied by a noteworthy UI.

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4. Free PDF to Word Online

Free PDF to Word Online is a part of PDFelement and the online version of PDF conversion software is minimalistic in terms of design but productive as a whole. This service also gives you the choice to select the target format from the list. Also, there are options to choose the source PDF file from local storage or a remote URL and you can hit Convert button after selecting the target file format; you can move to DOCX, DOC or RTF.

One of the limitations of Free PDF to Word Online is that you cannot convert PDF files if they are higher than 10 MB in size. Also, comparatively, it takes more time for uploading and converting the PDF file, which might disappoint you. So, altogether, Free PDF to Word Online is a superb PDF to Word converter indeed. Talking of the output file, the quality is impressive though the size is a bit high than we’d expect.

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5. Docs Zone

Docs Zone offers impressive PDF to Word conversion capabilities, with the user interface optimized in a manner that you’d love to use Docs Zone, regardless of your technical knowledge depth. Docs Zone lets you convert more than one PDF file at a time and you can add those files using the ‘Add files’ button. Once you have added the buttons, you can select the mode of conversion. There is a Flowing mode that is ideal for document purposes; exact mode that gives primary importance to the resemblance between two documents; and there you can see OCR mode that recognizes text from a PDF and gives us an editable Word file. We hope the last mode will seem impressive enough for you, as it is often labelled a premium feature.

So, in consideration of all these features, Docs Zone is indeed a nice place where you can convert the PDF documents you want. Plus, we loved the progress bar very much. When it comes to time it’s consuming, Docs Zone in the mediocre position. But the worst aspect of Docs Zone conversion is that the output file is way too heavy to be managed.

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Have you used any of these online PDF to Word converters? What’s your experience with those? We’re here to hear from you.

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