7 Best Minecraft Cottage Ideas

Minecraft has a lot of different styles, allowing players to mold the world around them. One of the most popular ones in the game is cottagecore. Made out of simple materials, cottage buildings are both early and late-game-friendly and are mostly made up of simple materials like wood and stone. They give off calm rural vibes and are so cute with all the tiny details you can add. Want some inspiration for your own Minecraft cottage but out of ideas? Well, keep reading as we list out the best ones among them!

1. Easy and Cute Starter House

Easy starter cottage house
Image Courtesy: YouTube/KoalaBuilds

Your Minecraft starter house is very important, even though you’ll outgrow it quite quickly by gathering resources. This building is the first of many in your new world, and it deserves a lot of love.

The first cottage idea we’ve got for you is fairly simple. The materials list mostly consists of spruce and oak wood, stone, and deepslate, though a few exotic blocks are required, too. The builder shows off some very neat building hacks and provides many spaces for your creativity to shine. The cottage even has an attic for a cozy, cute bedroom. So, I suggest beginning with this amazing Minecraft house.

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2. Cherry Blossom Cottage

Cherry Blossom Cottage in Minecraft
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Polar Cat

This gorgeous cottage design is among the best ideas for all of you Minecraft cherry wood enjoyers out there. It is super bright, cute, and, of course, pink! The materials include oak, spruce, and cherry wood, as well as white concrete, some stone blocks, and plenty of greenery like leaves and glow berries.

This house is far bigger than the previous one, so you can cram a lot of utilities and storage into it. The cottage shape is unusual and rather refreshing. You’ll see many clever details, including blocks like hanging signs.

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3. Aesthetic Cottage

Aesthetic Cottage
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Croissant Cat

This cute Minecraft cottage house is perfect for a custom forest. It’s overgrown with leaves and made mostly of different wood blocks. Furthermore, it is fairly big, and the interior is jam-packed with cute little details.

The special feature of this cottage house is the barn-like roof that is curved and also bordered with a different color.

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4. Cozy Log Cabin

Cozy Log Cabin
Image Courtesy: YouTube/WastefulE

This cottage blueprint is for you if you’re into the darker block palettes and cutting wood. It utilizes spruce wood to the fullest and includes a patchy deep-slate roof and a stone chimney.

The builder even shows how you can transform the surroundings to make this cabin feel like it truly belongs to a woodcutter and a farmer.

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5. Massive Overgrown Moss Cottage

Moss Cottage in Minecraft
Image Courtesy: YouTube/yes im jess

This cottage idea is more suitable for mid-to-late-game play, as it requires many different materials and is also giant. Dark oak wood is the primary exterior block, and the builder uses it to create various shapes and patterns.

The focal point of this building is the greenery, which consists of moss blocks for the roof and leaves and grass that make up various flower beds.

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6. Basic Cottage House

Basic Cottage House
Image Courtesy: YouTube/One Team

For the next entry on our list of Minecraft cottage ideas, let’s return to the basics. It’s a fairly basic-looking house made up of wood and stone blocks. Beautiful details include gardens, walls, overhangs, flower beds, farms, and a chimney.

The interior decoration is simple and practical. This one is a great start if you’ve never built a cottage house.

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7. Fancy Cottage House

Fancy Cottage House in Minecraft
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Croissant Cat

If you’re looking for a cottage-core style that minimalistically intersects with a modern Minecraft house style, then our final cute cottage house in Minecraft will win your heart. Oak wood is one of the leading exterior blocks, followed by white concrete and more decorative blocks.

This house is more suited for an open area, which you may later decorate with farms, rivers, and ponds. If you’d like to go all in, you may also use the texture pack builder used in the video.

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Those were some of the cutest Minecraft cottage ideas or blueprints made available by amazing community builders. If this is your first time building in this style, you should definitely give some of these tutorials a shot.

When you get the hang of it, you may just start building your own magical creations. That said, which one of these houses will you build in your world? Tell us in the comments below!

What to build in Minecraft cottagecore?

Players usually build their own town in the cottagecore style, starting with houses, roads, and decorations. You may then customize your own forest and build a ranch to store all the animals. Cottagecore style also focuses a lot on the outdoors, so parks, bridges, and other features also look amazing in this style.

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