This Showerhead Is an Alexa-Supported Smart Speaker

CES 2020: This Showerhead Comes with an Alexa-Backed Smart Speaker

This Showerhead Is an Alexa-Supported Smart Speaker

Well-known sanitaryware maker Kohler has come up with its latest innovative product for smart bathrooms – the Moxie Showerhead. It is a standard showerhead equipped with a smart speaker powered by Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

The smart speaker is portable in nature and can be detached from the showerhead. This way, you won’t have to invest twice to get a smart speaker for your bedroom and as a bonus, you get the wireless freedom as well. Moreover, the speaker attaches magnetically to the showerhead and charges through a bundled dock.

Bringing Alexa into a showerhead is indeed a big deal. With Alexa comes the variety of possibilities the voice assistant offers, such as asking Alexa to play the local news while you’re taking a hot shower, for instance. You could check out some fun Alexa commands right here.

As The Verge reports, the Bluetooth speaker starts at $99. To enjoy the benefits of Alexa, you will have to shell out another 60 dollars, making the price $159. In addition, the showerhead itself costs $70. In short, getting the complete experience will cost you $229 (~Rs. 16,000).

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The standard version offers six to seven hours of playback time while the Alexa version offers up to 5 hours. Kohler will showcase the showerhead at CES 2020 and start selling the product sometime later in 2020.

The brand announced other new products to be showcased at CES 2020 including Aquifer Refine – a Wi-Fi-enabled water purification system to monitor water usage and filter life, Setra – a touchless kitchen faucet, DTV Mode – a new digital shower system to adjust the temperature, Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet, and PureWarmth heated toilet seat among others.

I personally fancy the idea of being able to switch between music tracks seamlessly during a shower. What about you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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