How to Transcribe, Summarize and Chat With YouTube Videos Using ChatGPT

How to Transcribe, Summarize and Chat With YouTube Videos Using ChatGPT

After the release of ChatGPT plugins to all Plus members, the application of AI is expanding in various fields and industries. From chatting with PDF files to training a custom AI chatbot, you can do almost anything you want. And in this article, we bring you a detailed tutorial on how to transcribe, summarize, and chat with YouTube videos. You can use ChatGPT to summarize all the key points in YouTube video links with ease. You can even chat and ask questions without watching the whole video. So let’s jump right in.

Summarize and Chat with YouTube Videos For Free

1. If you want to chat with YouTube videos for free, you can head over to (visit). It’s an excellent website that uses ChatGPT to summarize the video and answer questions from the video’s context. Do note that it does not transcribe the whole video.

2. Simply paste the YouTube URL and click on “Submit” on the website. It will take a few seconds to process the video depending on the duration.

3. In the first instance, it will automatically summarize the video and generate some questions for you.

4. You can probe further and ask questions accordingly. I tested it for multiple videos, and it worked without any issues. I also linked to a two-hour-long video of Sam Altman and Lex Fridman, and it answered my questions flawlessly.

Chat With YouTube Videos Using ChatGPT Plus (Paid Users Only)

If you have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, you can transcribe, summarize, and chat with YouTube videos using one of the best ChatGPT Plugins. You can learn how to enable ChatGPT Plugins from our tutorial. After that, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the ChatGPT website (visit) and move to the “GPT-4” model. Here, click on the “Plugins” option.

2. Now, open the “Plugin store” via the dropdown menu.

3. Here, look for the “Video Insights” plugin and install it.

4. Enable “Video Insights” from the arrow icon once the plugin is installed.

5. Finally, enter the YouTube video link and ask it to transcribe or summarize the video. You can also add Dailymotion video links if you want.

6. Further, I can ask ChatGPT to summarize the YouTube video in bullet points.

7. You can also chat and ask questions about the YouTube video. It will answer from the video’s context.

Summarize YouTube Videos Using ChatGPT Chrome Extension

1. If you want to use a Chrome extension to summarize YouTube videos, you can install the VidSummize extension from here. Keep in mind, it requires your own OpenAI API key.

2. You can get the OpenAI API from here. If you don’t have an OpenAI account, create a free account.

3. Then, click on “Create a new secret key” and copy the API key. If you have exhausted your free API credit, you need to add a card to further use it.

4. Next, open a YouTube video and a “Summarize” button will appear at the bottom of the video. Click on it and paste the OpenAI API key in the text field. Finally, click on “Save”.

5. Now, it will reload the video. Click on “Summarize” again, and you will get all the key points neatly explained in a scrollable window. How cool is that?

5. Now, open any YouTube video and click “Summarize” to get video insights chapter by chapter.

And those are three methods to transcribe or summarize YouTube videos. That’s not all, though. ChatGPT also lets you ask questions about the content in the YouTube video and chat with it, saving you time and getting you results right away.


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