How to Enable Color Filters on Mac for Improved Reading Experience

Aside from the beloved dark mode, I rely on color filters to make it a little easier to read text on Mac. They are my go-to tools for making stories easy-on-the-eyes. Being available in multiple designs like greyscale and protanopia (red/green filter), these filters work effectively in changing the appearance of images and UI, which can also be quite helpful for people with color vision deficiencies. They can also be great from a customization perspective thanks to the ability to tweak colors. Willing to give this cool feature a try? Let me show how you can enable color filters on Mac!

Customize Color Filters on Mac

Being part of the Accessibility suite, color filters can be turned off/on through a super handy Accessibility shortcut. And that too without having to dive into the System Preferences. As I use them regularly, I make the most of the quick keyboard shortcut to bring up the vibrant filters into action at will. Needless to say, it sort of simplifies the whole affair.

1. Click on Apple Menu at the top left corner of the screen.

Click on Apple Menu

2. Now, select System Preferences in the menu.

Select System Preferences

3. Next, select Accessibility pane. 

Click on Accessibility pane

4. Next up, choose the Display option in the sidebar.

Click on Display in the sidebar

5. Up next, click on the Color Filters tab.

Choose Color Filters tab

6. Now, check the box for “Enable Color Filters”. 

Enable Color filters on Mac

7. Click the Filter type popup menu and select a preferred filter. You have five options to choose from: greyscale, red/green filter (protanopia), green/red filter (deuteranopia), Blue/yellow filter (tritanopia), and color tint. Select the one that seems right for your preference.

Choose a desired color filter on your Mac

Now, the color tint will apply a tint to the whole screen, making it more convenient for you to view the content. As most filters allow you to adjust the intensity, you can also drag the slider towards the left or right to fine-tune it with ease.

Quickly Enable/Disable Color Filters on macOS Using Accessibility Shortcut

Using a quick keyboard shortcut, you can easily turn off/on color filters on your Mac. Simply press Option-Command-F5 keys at once to access the Accessibility options shortcut panel. If your Mac has Touch ID, press the Touch ID button three times to bring up the shortcut panel and then check/uncheck the box for “Enable Color Filters” as per your needs.

Enable:Disable Color Filters on Mac using Shortcut

Use Color Filters to Enhance Reading Experience on macOS

So, that’s the way you can make the best use of color filters to customize your Mac and of course also improve your reading experience. Now that you know how it works, toss up your thoughts about them. Speaking of customization, I would also recommend you to take a peek at equally interesting posts like personalizing file and folders, resizing images with Automator quick action, and fine-tuning Apple Music artwork that we covered recently.

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