15 Hidden macOS Sequoia Features Apple Didn’t Tell Us at Keynote

Apple announced its latest Mac operating system, macOS Sequoia at its WWDC 2024 Keynote event. The next-gen macOS Sequoia arrives with new features like iPhone Mirroring and Windows Tiling. While the major macOS Sequoia features have grabbed all the attention, there are some small additions and improvements Apple didn’t mention on stage at WWDC 2024. After using macOS Sequoia (currently in Developer Beta) on my MacBook Air for a few days now, I’ve come across some hidden macOS Sequoia features that deserve a mention. So, without any ado, let’s dig in!

1. Video Viewer and Picture-in-Picture in Safari

You would probably know that macOS Sequoia brings Highlight and a redesigned Reader to Safari. But, do you know that there’s a hidden macOS Sequoia feature that gives you more control over web video? Say hello to the Video Viewer in macOS 15. When you’re watching YouTube videos or playing any video on Safari, you can click on the Video Viewer option to put the video front and center, with full access to system playback controls. Also, you no longer have to enable Picture-in-Picture mode manually. Safari can do it for you now. When playing a video in Video Viewer and you switch to another tab, Safari will automatically enable Picture-in-Picture mode.

Video Viwer in macOS Sequoia

2. Rotate Wi-Fi Address

There’s a hidden macOS Sequoia setting that offers an extra layer of security. Apple replaced the Private Wi-Fi Address option with the Rotate Wi-Fi Address option to cut down tracking and enhance privacy when you’re connected to a wireless network. When you enable this hidden macOS Sequoia feature, your Mac will automatically change your Wi-Fi address at random times. This ensures that other people or devices who are on the same network can’t recognize your device.

To enable this feature, go to System Settings -> Wi-Fi, click on Details next to the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to, and turn on the Rotate Wi-Fi Address toggle. This is one of the best secret macOS Sequoia features for privacy-conscious users.

Rotate Wi-Fi Address feature in macOS Sequoia

3. Highlighter in Notes app

Do you often use the Notes app on your Mac? You must know this hidden macOS Sequoia productivity feature. For the first time, Apple offers color options in the Notes app in macOS Sequoia, iOS 18, and iPadOS 18. This means you can now add colors to make your important words stand out in a long paragraph. Before you get too excited, you must know that you can’t choose custom colors. Apple only offers five colors to choose from, including purple, pink, orange, mint, and blue. To highlight text in the Notes app in macOS Sequoia, click on the “Aa” icon and you’ll see a new option for color.

Highlighter in Notes app

4. Conversions in Calculator app

Everyone knows that iPad finally gets a calculator app with iPadOS 18. But do you know many of its new features are already available on the Calculator app in macOS Sequoia? I’m not kidding. Until now, I could only use the Calculator app on my Mac for basic calculations. With macOS Sequoia, the Calculator app becomes more useful and complete than ever.

Thanks to the hidden Convert feature in the macOS Sequoia Calculator app, I can instantly change one value to another, without switching to Google or any third-party app. This includes Currency, Energy, Area, Angle, Data, Power Pressure, Fuel, Force, Length, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume, and Weight.

Conversions in Calculator app in macOS Sequoia

The best hidden macOS Sequoia feature? The Calculator app now has a backspace button. Finally, I don’t have to wipe off everything and start over my long calculations because of a mistyped digit.

Backspace key in macOS Sequoia Calculator app

5. AirDrop Progress Bar

The macOS Sequoia upgrade brings a progress bar to AirDrop that shows file transfers. When you transfer photos, documents, or any other files between macOS 15 and iOS 18 devices, you’ll see a progress bar showing the transfer status. It’s a helpful visual indicator that keeps you informed throughout the transfer process.

6. Retro wallpapers and Dynamic Screen Savers

Every macOS upgrade comes with new wallpapers so you can give a fresh look to your Mac. This year, macOS Sequoia arrives with a cool-looking Macintosh wallpaper that highlights retro Mac icons. It animates and shifts through different retro Mac graphics, and comes in various color options in dark & light versions. These macOS Sequoia wallpapers are complemented with matching Macintosh screen savers.

With dynamic screen savers, macOS 15 Sequoia adds a touch of personalization to your desktop. They intelligently adapt to the time of day and display stunning images that change dynamically as the hours pass. They show the current date and time, so you can always have a glance. The Macintosh screen saver looks absolutely gorgeous.

15 Hidden macOS Sequoia Features Apple Didn’t Tell Us at Keynote

7. Background Replacements

One of my favorite hidden features of macOS Sequoia is background replacements during video calls. There are days when my home isn’t looking its best and I’ve got an important video call to attend. Thanks to the new Background Replacements feature, I can choose a custom background for my video calls. Moreover, it showcases my tired face in Portrait mode with Studio Light so I can always look presentable. This feature works in FaceTime, Zoom calls, Google Meet, and more. Just click on the camera icon from the top Menu bar, select Background, and choose an option one you like.

8. Create & manage Reminders in Calendar app

With the Reminders integrations, you can now create, view, or edit your upcoming reminders in the Calendar app itself. To add a new reminder, simply right-click on a date. This gives you the freedom to manage your reminders and plan your events in a better way. This is surely one of the best hidden macOS Sequoia productivity features you should know.

Reminders Integration in Calendar app

9. Quick Facts in Apple Maps

When you search for a popular location or a national park in Apple Maps, it will show up quick facts, providing a concise and informative snippet. As you search, Maps will auto-populate quick facts that offer valuable insights at your fingertips. This comes in handy when you’re planning a trip or want to learn more about a popular destination.

Apple Maps shows Quick Facts

10. System Settings defaults to General tab

The next-gen macOS Sequoia brings a small yet useful change to the Settings app on Mac. The System Settings app now defaults to the General tab (and not Appearance) for a more natural and intuitive approach. This puts all essential settings at your fingertips. I think it’s a thoughtful and much-needed redesign that lets you quickly navigate to the most important options without any unnecessary clicks or confusion.

11. A Fresh-looking App Store

The App Store also gets a fresh-looking design, featuring a modernized categories tab with updated icons. This is a nice visual refresh that improves your browsing experience and makes it easier to discover new apps that suit your interests and requirements.

New App Store in macOS Sequoia

12. iMessage Scheduling & Text Effects in Messages

Just like iOS 18, the much-awaited iMessage Scheduling feature also comes to macOS Sequoia. Now if you want to send a birthday wish at 12 AM or want to drop a reminder one hour before the meeting, you can always use the Send Later option in the Messages app. All you have to do is go to the Messages app, type a text, click on the “+” icon, and choose Send Later. Now, you can choose a specific date & time to send your message.

Also, you can now add Text effects to individual words, phrases, or emojis in your message. Simply, select the word, do a right-click, and choose Text Effects. You get to choose from eight text animation options, including Big, Small, Shake, Nod, Explode, Ripple, Bloom, and Jitter.

iMessage Scheduling and Text Effects in Message spp on macOS Sequoia

That’s not all. There’s another hidden macOS Sequoia feature in the Messages app. You can now preview links before sending a message. When you add a website link, the URL is instantly transformed into a preview link, before you’ve sent the message. Previously, you could only see previews after sending a message. 

13. Solve Maths Calculations in Notes app

This year, the Notes app receives a tonne of useful and impressive features with the new OSes. At WWDC Apple told us that a Math Notes app is coming to iPad. However, Apple forgot to tell us that a lot of those Maths features will be available across macOS Sequoia and iOS 18. So, another secret macOS Sequoia trick you must know is using the new Maths features in the Notes app. Just enter an expression and get it solved in real-time while typing. So, whether it’s you’re calculating your vacation expenses or splitting your party expenses between friends, it’s never been that easy and quick.

Maths features in Notes app on macOS Sequoia

Besides, the Notes app in macOS Sequoia offers a Record option to help you record and insert an audio file right in your notes. Simply click on the audio icon from the top to start recording.

14. Redesigned iCloud Screen

Another lesser-known fact about macOS Sequoia is a revamped iCloud section in the System Settings app. Instead of a list, most of the account information is now displayed as a grid, making it easier for you to make it check how much iCloud storage space different apps are taking up. Also, you can easily know if certain iCloud+ features, like Hide My Email and Private Relay, are switched on.

Redesigned iCloud Section in System Settings app

What to know what else is different in macOS Sequoia? Apple ID has now been renamed Apple Account in the latest OSes.

15. Guest Access in Home App

I bet you didn’t know about this secret feature of macOS Sequoia. The Home app now offers Guest Access so you can control how and when people can enter your home. Thanks to the new Electricity Usage and Rates features, you can access and better understand your home electricity use. That’s not all. You can now add robot vacuum cleaners to your Home app including in custom scenes, favorite automation, and Siri requests.

Those were the hidden macOS Sequoia features that you should know about. We hope this article helped you uncover some amazing features and useful settings you didn’t know earlier.

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Which secret macOS Sequois feature did you like the most? Did I miss any other useful feature that’s hidden in macOS Sequoia? Let me know in the comments below.

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