Google Stack Is a CamScanner Alternative That Lets You Scan and Organize Documents


To help Android users scan and organize documents on smartphones with ease, Google has developed a new app dubbed Stack. It is a document scanner app like CamScanner (which has been banned in India for some time now), and the DocStack app, which was recently developed by IIT-Delhi students.

The app comes from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, which develops many new experimental apps and games. The company announced Google Stack via an official blog post.

Coming to the app, Stack essentially lets users scan physical documents, organize, and securely store them on their Android devices. Moreover, the app uses Google’s DocAI algorithms to analyze the documents, acquire keywords from them, and make them searchable.

Google Stack: Key Features

Stack boasts three key features – automatic organization, searchable documents, and secure storage. Starting with automatic organization, once a user scans a document with the app, it will analyze the keywords, name the document, and put it in an appropriate category like bills, receipts, etc. This way, users can easily find their documents in the app.

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Apart from this, users can also use Stack’s advanced search feature to quickly find a specific document. The app analyzes every keyword in the documents, such as bill amount, due date, and account numbers, so users can search through the full text of documents rather than just their titles.

Google Stack Is a CamScanner Alternative That Lets You Scan and Organize Documents

Coming to the security features, Stack uses Google’s advanced security and sign-in technology to safeguard the documents. Users can also choose to turn on biometric authentication every time they open the app. Furthermore, the app automatically saves a copy of the users’ documents to their Google Drive account.


These were some of the key features of the app. It is currently only available in the US Google Play Store. However, if the app gains popularity, Google Stack might become available globally in the coming weeks. If you live outside the US, especially India, and want to give this app a whirl, then download the APK via the attached link.


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