Top 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives You Can Use

Top 5 Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives You Can Use

The Fleksy Keyboard is one of the most used, and widely loved keyboards available on Android, as well as the iPhone. However, in June of 2016, Fleksy announced that they have been acquired by Pinterest; and now, Fleksy turned their servers off, which means that no more downloadable content, like the language packs, is available in the keyboard app. The Fleksy app is still available on the Play Store, and the iOS App Store, but the app hasn’t been updated for almost a year now and apparently, there won’t be any further developments. So, for the best support, and updates, you should look for an alternative keyboard app, and so, here are 5 Fleksy Keyboard alternatives you can use on Android and iOS:

1. Minuum

Minuum is probably the closest to Fleksy’s functionality. Fleksy had some great features, and Minuum can compete with them. Just like Fleksy, Minuum doesn’t incorporate swipe typing, but it does incorporate a lot of gestures that are similar to Fleksy’s. For example, you can swipe right on the keyboard to add a space, and swipe left to delete a word. There are a number of other gestures, as well, such as the ability to turn the space bar on or off, or the ability to switch between to the little keyboard feature (by swiping down from the number row).


The keyboard supports quite a number of themes, and includes a toggle on the top left for enabling, or disabling auto correction, which is a feature I absolutely loved while using the keyboard. Contrary to what you may think when you see the little keyboard, it is surprisingly good at recognizing the words you may be typing. All in all, Minuum is probably your best bet at finding a good alternative to Fleksy.

Download for Android, iOS ($3.99)

2. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard was only recently launched for Android, and was previously only available on iOS devices. The keyboard is one of the best when it comes to swipe typing recognition, and ease of use. Just like Fleksy, you can use Gboard to search for, and send GIFs, along with emoji search, and a decently accurate autocorrect (although not as good as Fleksy’s). However, the keyboard does get consistently better with use.


Gboard also packs in a lot of other powerful features, and the most important one is the built-in Google search it offers. You can search Google for anything, directly on your keyboard. This can come in extremely handy when you need to quickly recollect a fact, or decide on the venue for dinner while texting someone.

Along with swipe typing (or Glide typing), Gboard also supports a couple of gestures: you can swipe left (or right) on the space bar, to move the cursor. You can also swipe left from the backspace key to quickly delete multiple words. Also, if you’re using a device with a large screen, you can pin the keyboard to one side of the screen, for easy one handed usage.

Download for Android, iOS (Free)

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

Another really good keyboard app that you can use instead of Fleksy, is SwiftKey Keyboard. The app has a really good swipe-to-type accuracy ratio, and a decent autocorrect (again, not as good as Fleksy’s). The keyboard uses AI to learn your style of writing, and it really does get better with time. The keyboard even learns the slangs you use, and any nicknames, as well, which is pretty cool.


If you liked the customization that Fleksy offered, you will not be disappointed with SwiftKey, either. The app supports over 80 colors, and themes that you can easily apply, and customize your keyboard. Not just that, the themes for SwiftKey are now completely free, so you can easily download any theme you like, and make your keyboard uniquely yours. Also, the Emoji keyboard that comes with SwiftKey, automatically learns the emoticons you use with different contexts, and starts showing predictions accordingly.

Download for Android, iOS (Free)

4. Swype

Swype (iOS), or Swype Keyboard (on Android), is another keyboard app that you can consider as an alternative to Fleksy. The keyboard works great, whether you prefer swipe to type, or tapping individual keys. Swype has a lot of customization options as well, similar to what you may find in Fleksy. You can customize the look of the keyboard with themes, and even adjust things like the keyboard height, long press duration, vibration, and a lot more. The themes in the app are updated regularly, and you will definitely find some that you love.


As you use Swype, it learns your style of writing, and adapts to it, making the predictions, and auto correct features much more accurate over time. For tablet users, the app features three different designs: a full screen keyboard, a small movable keyboard, and a split screen keyboard, so you can easily type on your tablet, as well. Just like Fleksy, Swype also supports some gestures, although they are implemented differently.

  • Slide from Swype Key to A : Select all
  • Slide from Swype Key to X : Cut
  • Slide from Swype Key to C : Copy
  • Slide from Swype Key to V : Paste

Download for Android, iOS ($0.99, with in-app purchases for colors)

5. Chrooma

Another Fleksy alternative you can consider, is the Chrooma GIF Keyboard. This is yet another keyboard app that uses AI to make its prediction model better over time. The keyboard comes with what they call a “Neural Action Row“, that can help you with entering numbers, punctuation, and even emoticons, depending on the context of what you’re writing. Also, just like Fleksy, you can use Chrooma to search for, and send GIFs directly from the keyboard itself.


Another big similarity between Chrooma, and Fleksy, is the high level of customization it offers. You can choose from a number of themes, fonts, emoticon styles, and much more. Basically, you can fully customize, and personalize the keyboard to create a tailor-made keyboard experience. Another cool feature that is part of Fleksy and Chrooma Keyboard, is that the keyboard changes color, depending on the app you’re in, which is also known as the “chameleon” theme. While this is definitely a novelty, it’s still rather cool to see it in action. Support for gestures is another similarity between Fleksy and Chrooma that you may find useful. The keyboard is available in a free version but it has limited options and you will have to get the Premium version to unlock everything.

Download for Android (Free, with in-app purchases for Premium features)

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Use These Fleksy Keyboard Alternatives on iPhone and Android

With Fleksy stopping all further development of their keyboard app, it is only a matter of time before it becomes obsolete. You can switch over to any of the apps mentioned in this article as an alternative to the Fleksy keyboard, as most of them offer features comparable to what was offered by Fleksy. There are some other keyboard apps like TouchPal, Nintype (Beta), and AI.Type Keyboard, as well, that you can consider using as Fleksy alternatives. However, the apps I’ve mentioned in this article are still the ones I’d recommend.

So, what are your thoughts on Fleksy? Did you use it as a primary keyboard? Also, if you know of some other Fleksy alternatives that you think deserve to be on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I have loved Swiftkey since long. However, I am unable to find a lighter/lightest version of Swiftkey for my Moto G4 plus. Any pointers would help me a great deal.

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