Google Files Gets Safe Folder for Hiding Files in Latest Beta

Files by Google 1.0.33 Update Brings Playback Speed Controls and a PDF Handler

Google Files Gets Safe Folder for Hiding Files in Latest Beta

Google recently added a Safe Folder within the “Files by Google” app to let users hide sensitive files. The company is now rolling out a new update to the app that brings video playback speed controls and a new PDF handler.

With the new playback controls, you can tweak the video’s playback speed from the Files app. The option to adjust playback speed is present in the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the app. Once you expand it, you will see the playback speed option below ‘Move to Safe folder’. You get a neat horizontally scrollable wheel to adjust the playback speed, as you can see in the image attached below with playback speed ranging from 0.5x to 2x.

files by google playback controls

The feature will be helpful to those who prefer consuming media at a faster rate, or for scrubbing through videos quicker. However, it is worth noting that playback speed controls were not live on all the phones we checked. This behavior hints that the company might be testing it with a limited set of users.

The addition of playback speeds within Files comes as a surprise, since, as XDA points out, the ability to control video playback speed is not even present in Google Photos. There are no signs just yet, but we could expect the company to add the feature to Google Photos in the near future.

Apart from playback speed controls, Files by Google version 1.0.33 has added a PDF handler. This way, you can open PDF files without relying on other PDF apps. Although it didn’t work inside the Files by Google app, it was accessible when we opened PDF files from other file managers.

Files by Google app PDF handler

Files by Google 1.0.33 is now rolling out via Play Store. If you’re an existing user interested to use any of these features, make sure you update to the latest version.

Download Files by Google from the Play Store (Free)

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