When it comes to driving traffic to the blog from social media sites, the names that pop up in our mind are Facebook, Twitter or Google plus but to be honest, these sites are too demanding. You need to spend a lot of money and time with your community to drive ample amount of traffic to your website but it isn’t the same with Reddit. With Reddit, all you have to make sure is that the content you are sharing is of high quality and is submitted in the appropriate sub-reddit.

A little bit about Reddit

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website which runs entirely by user generated content. Users submit content as link or text and only users can up-vote or down-vote the content to make sure that the content reaching to the first page of the Reddit is of higher quality.

For registering an account on Reddit, all you have to do is to sign up with any username or password. You don’t even need to submit your email id. You can choose any username, which isn’t already taken and you have the complete right to be anonymous on the website. Redditor’s right to anonymity make the discussions on the website honest, insightful and extremely witty, at times.

reddit  the front page of the internet

Reddit Karma

Your Reddit Karma score signifies how much value you have added to the community. If your posts do well and receives up-votes then you will get more karma points.

Your brand new Reddit account will have 1 link karma and 0 comment karma, but once you start participating in discussions and submit high quality links in appropriate sub-reddits you shall see an increase in karma score, that’s when you know that you are adding value to the community.

Now, coming to the most important part of the post that is, how to drive traffic from Reddit.

1. Quality Content

  • Two things which Reddit doesn’t like at all are, content being re-posted and submission of content that isn’t of high quality. So, make sure that your submissions on the site are actually worth it and majority of people would be willing to up-vote the stories submitted by you.
  • Sometimes people post an average submission with a deceiving headline, these posts live a much shorter life than any other post and sometimes lead to blocking of user’s account. So, don’t ever try that, instead write attractive and crystal clear headlines so that redditors may know what to expect when they click on the link.
  • Don’t just submit links only from your website, submit stories from other websites too, because if you are caught submitting stories from only one website then It won’t take too long for Reddit to find out and block your account.
  • Link submission is a great way to drive traffic to the blog but in case you want Reddit’s opinion on a certain topic, you can ask via submitting a text post. Reddit’s discussions are insightful and very productive. So, once in a while do indulge in the discussions as well.

2. Choose appropriate Subreddits

Before submitting your story, do a proper research to find the best subreddit to submit your story. Here’s how to do it,

  • First of all, search for subreddit that syncs with the subject of your article. For instance, If you have written an article on health and fitness android apps then you should search for subreddits related to android apps.

androidapps  submit

  • Before posting, read the rules of the subreddit carefully. If your post violate any of the rules, then your post would be removed and you may lose your account as well.
  • Make sure that the subreddit that you have chosen have good number of subscribers and already submitted stories syncs with the article that you are going to submit.

Now   androidapps

  • While submission, timing matters a lot. So, post at that time of the day when you see maximum number of online members in that subreddit.
  • Try to interact with other stories submitted in that subreddit, up-vote them or share your comments there. By doing so, the credibility of your account as well as your submitted stories improves.

Here’s the screenshot showing the engagement we have received on one of our post on Reddit.

Top 10 Health And Fitness Apps For Android Devices   androidapps

If you will follow the above mentioned tips, I am sure you will get a lot of traffic from Reddit. But, the post isn’t over yet. I have one more very useful tip for you to get more out of Reddit.

Power Tip

If you are a regular user of Reddit then you must be aware of the fact that imgur links work exceptionally well on Reddit. If your ultimate goal isn’t traffic but to show people your design or photography project, then you must upload it on imgur (image hosting website) first and then submit it on Reddit. By doing so, you can reach more audience and may even land on the first page of Reddit.


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I have tried to incorporate as much as I knew in this post. I hope the post helps you in getting massive referral traffic to your website from Reddit. If you have any suggestion, do write in comments below the post.


  1. Dev,
    A super discerning community Reddit is but if you share value you can see some serious quality traffic through the site. I use it here and there. Great tips all around. Share other people’s stuff to see the greatest returns, like on any social network. The more freely you give the more easily you receive.