Best Smartphone Deals During Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale 2024

In Short
  • Flipkart's Big Saving Days sale has smartphones at discounted price.
  • The Galaxy S23 is a notable deal where you can save almost Rs. 20,000.
  • You can get your hands on Google Pixel phones and iPhones, notably the Pixel 8 / 8 Pro and iPhone 15 / 15 Plus for discounted prices.

The Flipkart Big Saving Days 2024 sale is now live. You can get genuine discounts on top smartphone brands like Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, and Realme. We’ve identified a bunch of devices with significant price discounts to help you find the best deal out there. Remember, the sale has already begun and will be live until May 9. Let’s dive into the best deals.

Samsung Smartphone Deals

Let’s start with the most popular smartphone manufacturer – Samsung. Here are all the discounts on Samsung smartphones during the Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale.

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Samsung Galaxy S23Rs. 64,999Rs. 45,999 – (Base price reduced to Rs. 46,999Rs. 1000 off via Bank Offers)
Samsung Galaxy S23 FERs. 41,999Rs 33,999 – (Base price reduced to Rs. 34,999Rs 1000 off via bank offers)
Samsung Galaxy S22Rs. 39,999Rs 36,999
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3Rs. 45,999Rs. 37,999
Samsung Galaxy F54 5GRs. 24,999Rs. 22,999
Samsung Galaxy F34Rs. 14,999Rs. 12,999
Samsung Galaxy F15Rs. 12,999Rs. 11,999
Samsung Galaxy F14Rs. 10,490Rs. 9490
Samsung Galaxy A54Rs. 35,499Rs. 33,499 (Base price reduced to Rs. 34,999Rs 2000 off via bank offers)

The Galaxy S23 is an excellent deal for those looking to get into the Samsung ecosystem and trying out AI features. It’s also great for those looking for a relatively smaller device. Next up, the Z Flip 3 at Rs. 37,999 is a decent deal, but we’d recommend spending Rs. 10,000 more and getting the Oppo Find N3 Flip instead.

As for the mid-range options, the A54 and F54 are both decent upper mid-range offerings, followed by the budget F series. Although, we would recommend you get the POCO counterparts which offer better specifications, on-paper at least.

Apple iPhone Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
iPhone 15Rs. 69,999Rs. 63,499 (Base price reduced to Rs. 63,999Rs 500 off via UPI)
iPhone 15 PlusRs. 80,999Rs. 74,999 (Base price reduced to Rs. 75,999Rs 1000 off via bank offers)
iPhone 13Rs. 52,999Rs. 50,999 (Rs 1,000 off via bank offers)
iPhone 14 PlusRs. 66,999Rs. 59,500 (Base price reduced to Rs. 59,999Rs 500 off via)
iPhone 12Rs. 44,999Rs. 40,499 (Base price reduced to Rs. 41,499Rs 1000 off via bank offers)

The iPhone 15 for Rs 63,499 is a no-brainer for those wanting to upgrade from, say, the iPhone 11. The iPhone 15 Plus at Rs. 74,999 is also a great pick if you want an iPhone with the best battery life.

For those looking to get their first iPhone but have a budget of less than 50,000, we wouldn’t recommend the iPhone 12 unless they’re absolutely limited by budget. Instead, spend Rs. 10,000 and get the iPhone 13.

Motorola Smartphone Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Motorola Edge 50 ProRs. 31,999Rs. 29,999 (Base price of Rs. 30,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
Motorola Edge 40 NeoRs. 22,999Rs. 19,999 (Base price of Rs. 20,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
Motorola Moto g64Rs. 14,999Rs. 12,999 (Base price of Rs. 13,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
Motorola Moto g34Rs. 11,999Rs. 10,999 (Base price of Rs. 11,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

The Edge 50 Pro is a great value at Rs. 29,999 during the Flipkart Big Saving Days sale. It’s got excellent cameras, a great display, and a processor that can bring some heat to the table. The phone supports 125W fast charging, which is the fastest in the segment, and USB 3.1 Type-C with Display Port 1.4 support.

The Edge 40 Neo too is a decent pick for those who want an excellent display and IP68 water resistance. The g64 and g34 make a lot more sense at their respective prices and are definitely some of the best affordable devices you can grab in this sale.

Google Pixel Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Google Pixel 8 ProRs. 1,06,999Rs. 97,999 (Base price of Rs. 98,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
Google Pixel 8Rs. 69,999Rs. 61,999 (Base price of Rs. 62,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
Google Pixel 7aRs. 37,999Rs. 35,999 (Base price of Rs. 36,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

Both Pixel 8 at Rs. 61,999 and Pixel 7a for Rs. 37,999 make sense, but we suggest you hold on to your dream of buying a Pixel because there’s not much time left for the Pixel 8a and 9 series.

Pixel’s pricing is volatile, and it could drop drastically in the blink of eye so we wouldn’t recommend grabbing a Pixel this sale unless you absolutely need one.

Redmi & POCO Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Redmi 12Rs. 10,499Rs. 9,999
POCO X6 NeoRs. 15,999Rs. 13,999 (Base price of Rs. 14,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
POCO M6 ProRs. 10,999Rs. 9,999
POCO C65Rs. 7,299Rs. 6,799
POCO C61Rs. 6,999Rs. 6,499
POCO X6Rs. 19,999Rs. 17,999 (Base price of Rs. 18,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
POCO X6 ProRs. 25,999Rs. 22,999 (Base price of Rs. 23,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

The POCO X6 and X6 Pro, with the Flipkart Big Saving Days sale price, are some of the best mid-range devices you can get. If you’re looking for something toned down, the POCO X6 Neo is a great pick.

If you need something even more toned down and under 10k, the M6 Pro is a good budget offering. However, we’d recommend spending a bit extra and getting the g64 if you’re eyeing the M6 Pro.

Vivo Smartphone Deals

Phones Regular PriceSale Price
vivo T2xRs. 13,699Rs. 10,999 (Base price of Rs. 11,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)
vivo T2 ProRs. 24,999Rs. 22,999 (Base price of Rs. 23,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

T2x is a decent offering, but the RAM in the base variant is a letdown. Similarly, T2 Pro at Rs 22,999 is decent but Nothing Phone (2a) and POCO X6 Pro at the same price are a tad bit better.

Realme Smartphone Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Realme 12 ProRs. 25,999Rs. 24,999
Realme 12X Rs. 13,499Rs. 11,999 (Base price of Rs. 12,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

The Realme 12 Pro has a good set of cameras in the sub-25,000 range and a premium-looking design. We would still pick the Phone (2a) and X6 Pro over it though because they’re better all-around devices than the 12 Pro.

The 12X on the other hand is a decent offering but competing with the same is the Moto G64 with a bigger battery, better processor, and subjectively cleaner UI.

Infinix Smartphone Deals

PhonesRegular PriceSale Price
Infinix Hot 40iRs. 9299Rs. 7,999 (Base price of Rs. 8,999 – Rs 1,000 bank offer)

The HOT 40i at Rs. 8,000 should be skipped unless you’re locked into the Rs. 8,000 budget. The Unisoc SoC is slow, but you do get 256GB storage in the base variant.

Other Smartphone Deals

One of the other best deals if you’re looking for a foldable device is the OPPO Find N3 Flip smartphone. It was launched for Rs. 99,999 but it is on sale for Rs. 49,999, making it a great alternative buy to the Z Flip 4.

What are your thoughts on the smartphone deals mentioned above? Has any of these deals convinced you to buy a smartphone in this Flipkart Big Saving Days sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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