7 Best Amazon Tap Cases and Covers You Should Be Buying

The Amazon Tap is a beautiful portable speaker as well as a smart home device and while it might not be expensive, it’s certainly a device you should take care of. Since you will be taking your Amazon Tap with you for most of your outdoor activities, it’s bound to get dropped, which should make a severe dent to the device’s beautiful aluminium design. The best thing of course would be to get a good quality cover for the speaker. Well, that’s what we are here for. Here are 7 best Amazon Tap cases and covers you should be buying:

1. MoKo Leather Cover

The MoKo leather cover for the Amazon Tap not only provides protection but adds personality to the otherwise somewhat bland device. The cover is made up of premium synthetic leather with an inner core made up of microfiber, thereby protecting the Tap’s aluminium build. The cover features a removable base strap, so that you can easily charge it with the cradle. Also, it features an integrated loop, so that you can hook or clip it on your trips.

MoKo Amazon Tap Cover

While the cover brings great protection and usability, it also lets you make a fashion statement, as it is available in a ton of colors like Blue, Green, Purple, Red and beautiful designs like City Night View, Floral Purple, Lucky Tree, Map Brown and Stained Glass.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: $11.99

2. ACdream Leather Carrying Cover

As the name suggests, ACdream’s leather case includes a removable holding strap, so that you can easily carry it anywhere with ease. The case is made up of premium PU leather with a texture that really gives it a beautiful look. Its soft interior also makes sure to protect the device from bumps, drops and scratches. Moreover, the case features a removable strap at the bottom so that you can easily charge the device with a cradle.

ACdream leather cover Amazon Tap

It’s available in a variety of colors including Brown, Purple, Red and the usual Black. You can also get the same colors in a different “Crocodile” texture, which sounds scary but looks good.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: $8.89

3. Amazon Tap Sling Cover

If you want something simple yet classy, you can get Amazon’s official sling cover for the Tap. The cover has a rubbery feel to it, thanks to its silicone construction that also provides ample protection for the device. It features a built-in loop, so that you can clip it or hang it while you are on the go. You can get the cover in one of the six funky colors: Blue, Green, Magenta, Tangerine, along with the usual Black and White. Sadly, the case does not let you charge the Amazon Tap with the cradle.

Amazon Tap Sling cover

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: $19.99

4. Fintie Leather Sling Cover

The Fintie leather cover for the Amazon Tap is another good looking protective case. The case is made up of premium leather with a soft microfiber inner core features durable nylon fabrics, which act as acoustic vents so that the speaker in the Tap exudes high-quality sound. It also features a carrying strap and keychain design, so that you can carry it with ease or just hook it while you are travelling. Also, it features a removable strap at the bottom, so that you can charge it with the cradle with ease.

Fintie Amazon Tap cover


Fintie, like MoKo, offers a plethora of designs and colors for you to choose from like Blue, Brown, Orange, Red, Green, Violet, Map White, Mushroom Fantasy, Stained Glass, Love Tree, Map Brown, Versailles and more. While the covers are unavailable currently, we can expect them to arrive soon, as Fintie cases have been pretty popular with Amazon Echo users.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: NA

5. Mama Mouth Sleeve Cover

The Mama Mouth leather sleeve cover for the Amazon Tap is very similar to the offerings from MoKo and Fintie. The cover is made up of premium leather and a soft core for better protection. It also features aluminium closures to make sure the cover is easy to install and fits perfectly like a glove. The cover features a hook strap and a removable base for the charging cradle.

Mama Mouth Sling Cover Amazon Tap

The Mama Mouth is beautifully designed and is available in a variety of colors like Black, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red along and designs like Fairy Blue, Rose Red, Giraffe Purple, Newspaper, PolkaDot, Zebra Black and more.

Where to Buy: Amazon.com  
Price: $8.99

6. Xberstar Semi-Hard Travel Case

If you go on a lot of adventure trips and plan on taking the Amazon Tap with you, the Xberstar semi-hard travel case is the one to buy. The case, as described is made of semi-hard build and we don’t doubt its protection at all. It adds a separate inner space to your Amazon Tap for the charging cradle and cable, which should come in handy. The case also features laser cut windows so that you can fully enjoy the high-quality sound that Tap offers.

Xberstar Travel Case Amazon Tap

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: $13.98 

7. Khanka Carrying Case

The Khanka case is the case to get if you want to fit in the Amazon Tap and its small accessories in a single case. The premium EVA case features a soft interior to protect the device from shock and drops and features small compartments, where you can easily put the device’s charging cradle as well as the cable. There’s also a hand strap, so that you can carry it with ease. Moreover, the case has enough room to fit the Amazon Tap with a cover on.

Amazon Tap Khanka Carrying case

Where to Buy: Amazon.com
Price: $16.99

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Buy these Amazon Tap covers to protect it while adding a fashion sense

While the Amazon Tap is a good-looking device, it does not feature a lot of colors. The aforementioned Amazon Tap covers and cases not only protect the device but also let you add character to it through different colors, designs and textures. So, choose one for your Amazon Tap and let us know how you like it. Sound off in the comments section below.

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    the Xberstar Semi-Hard Travel Case is not what is as described, the case is for the UE type of speaker. if you want the actual case pictured above, copy and paste this (Zaracle Carrying Case Hard Protective Pouch Box Travel Bag for Portable Amazon Tap Speaker.Fits USB Cables and Charging Dock) into amazon.com.

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