9 Reasons Why You Should Have A LinkedIn Profile As A Student

With the current economic crunch in the market the job finding has been difficult more than ever and you have to make your presence felt before you actually enter after your graduation, so keeping this in mind students can expand their network by interacting on the professional networking site, LinkedIn. Here are a few reasons you should consider for building a profile on LinkedIn right away:

1.  Create your network. With graduation, the network building is both important and difficult to do at the same time. So start early and know more people that can recommend you or at least recognize your work. LinkedIn offers a great interface to help you make your presence felt in the professional market before it’s too late.

2.  Observe the career paths. By watching the career paths of your seniors or batch mates, you can decide on one of your own. This helps you better understand the market situations and options.

3.  Prepare for job interviews. Keeping a background check is not only the employer’s job, you too can check the interviewer’s profile to have a prior knowledge about them.

4.  Get recommendations and referrals. You can expand the network to many levels by telling your friends to refer you to a person you are interested in.

5.  Grab internship while still in school. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for showcasing your skills and grabbing the opportunity for an internship opening.

6.  Make connections instantly. Now, whenever you have any new networking acquaintances, you can easily add them on LinkedIn and visit their profile to know more about them. This can help both the parties to know each other in a better way and know about the skills and profile reviews.

7.  Be a little social. As it is not just a networking site but a professional social networking site, LinkedIn also offers many social features like updating status, docs, photos, comments, groups and much more. This will help you be interested when you are not that much busy and explore more of the companies you are interested in.

8.  Expand your resume. Having the constraint of a single page resume upload facility in many job applications can prove to be a hindrance for many who want to share different aspects of their skills, but with LinkedIn you just have to provide your profile URL and you can get the employer to visit the complete resume if he wishes to know more about you.

9.  Be a part of a group. With the social facilities of LinkedIn comes the feature of groups, you can create your own friends groups, join other’s groups and find your seniors or old batch mates within the groups. The Alumni groups are a good way for recommendations, profile building, learning from seniors and overall interaction facilities.

Thus with many good features that can help you as a student now itself, the better thing to do is to make a good, simple and efficient LinkedIn profile even if you are still pursuing studies.

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