Apple Music “Replay” Creates a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs from the Year

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To make it easier to revisit your favorite tracks that you have been listening throughout the year, Apple Music has introduced Apple Music Replay, a new feature that will generate a playlist containing the top 100 songs based on your listening activity.

Apple Music “Replay” Creates a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs from the Year

If you’re an Apple Music user interested to check the songs that made it to your Replay 2019 Playlist, visit the Apple Music Replay page here and click on the “Get Your Replay Mix” button.

You can play this new playlist right away using the Play button on the page or you can add it to your music library so that you can hit the right playlist whenever you’re feeling like diving into a trip down the memory lane.

In addition to the playlist, it will let you know the number of times you have played a particular song. Quite insightful, in my opinion. You also get a list of top artists along with the number of hours spent listening to them and your top albums.

Apple Music “Replay” Creates a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs from the Year

Just in case you’re wondering, Apple Music is not the first streaming platform to introduce the concept of generating nostalgic playlists based on the user’s listening activity. Spotify has a similar feature called Wrapped where it creates a playlist based on the top songs of the year along with some insights.

However, what sets Apple Music Replay apart from Spotify’s Wrapped program is that it will be available throughout the year. The website mentions that the playlist will be updated automatically every Sunday and hence, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of managing your nostalgic playlist.

In my brief time of playing around with the playlist, I found that there is no option to remove a particular song from the playlist or at least to hide one from the playlist like Spotify offers, just in case you’ve outgrown a song and feel like you no longer wish to listen to it. Nevertheless, a new playlist is always a welcome gesture.

So, what are the top songs in your Apple Music Replay 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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