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Which Fruit is Fresher: Apple iPhone Vs BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry (formerly RIM) at one time dominated the smartphone market, but in the last couple years they’ve had a difficult time keeping up. When Apple burst on the scene, Android and Windows phones closely followed. Those smartphones brought fresh ideas and their instant dominance on the market quickly cut into BlackBerry’s market share.

BlackBerry is not dead, and the BlackBerry Z10 is evidence of the company’s resilience. It’s the first phone to carry the BlackBerry 10 OS and is the company’s best phone yet. This undoubtedly exceptional handset is targeted to both business and leisure customers. But how does it stack up against the iPhone 5? Apple has developed a cult following – with good reason. So it’s going to take a lot to give BlackBerry the win.

Does the Z10 have what it takes to topple this giant? Which fruit is fresher? The best way to compare is to highlight BlackBerry’s unique features. Read on to learn more.

Micro HDMI Out and Standard Charging Ports

One of the most appealing features of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is the HDMI-out port, which you can use to connect your phone to any TV, monitor, or other display with an HDMI-in port. Now you can stream music, watch HD video, and share other media on your device just by mirroring its screen on your HD display. BlackBerry is not the only smartphone with HDMI-out support, but you won’t find this port on any Apple device.

The standard charging ports also set the Z10 apart from the iPhone 5. The port accepts any sync cable or microUSB power cord, as well as, other third party accessories that are not specially made for BlackBerry.

TimeShift Camera

If you’re not a professional photographer, you know how difficult it is to take great shots the first time around. The magnificent TimeShift feature built into BlackBerry 10 will let you capture better pictures when you’re shooting large groups. This feature is especially handy when shooting children who can’t sit still. TimeShift takes a series of images in a few seconds so you can isolate faces later on to build a perfect group photo. Regrouping your photo is as simple as tapping the faces in the picture to fast forward or rewind and get the best facial expressions. You’ll not find any feature as good as this in your iOS smartphone.

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Expandable Storage

The BlackBerry Z10 is only available in one 16GB model, but since the device supports microSD memory cards up to 64GB, that’s not a huge deal. Stock up on memory cards to take your music collection and business presentations wherever you go.

The iPhone’s largest storage capacity is 64GB. And since the phone doesn’t support expandable storage, you could really be in a bind if you need extra space.

Removable Battery

Support for microSD media cards is terrific, but even more amazing is the ability to change your BlackBerry Z10’s 1800-mAh battery. Despite the claims, no smartphone can make it through a day of heavy use without charging multiple times. This is why the removable battery in the Z10 is so valuable, especially for business travelers. Purchase extra batteries or get the Battery Charger Bundle from BlackBerry and you’re all set. You’ll be hard-pressed to find that kind of support with your iPhone.

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Support For Android Apps

BlackBerry World may not be as populated as the iTunes store, but the fact that the Z10 can run repackaged Android apps more than makes up for this shortcoming. There are numerous Android apps now available in BlackBerry’s app store, but you can find many more online to manually install on your device. If you have the desire, time, and skill, you can even repackage your own Android apps to use on your Z10.

Obviously, the quality of the Android app varies when used on BlackBerry 10. The quality depends on the developer and the work they put into making the app compatible with BlackBerry 10. However, Android support gives users access to cool apps until more native BlackBerry apps are available.

Screen Share during BBM Video Chat

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) got a total revamp in BlackBerry 10. Now you can use BBM in video calls over Wi-Fi and 4G cellular networks. Even better is screen sharing with participants in the chat -this is extremely handy for sharing business presentations or catching up with loved ones who are far away. Take note that all participants must have BlackBerry 10 for video chats.

There are some screen sharing apps for iOS, but BBM is the only app that will let you switch back and forth between video chat and sharing, so you can carry on with your voice chat as you share something on your device’s screen.

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BlackBerry 10 Virtual Keyboard

The virtual keyboard on the Z10 will easily become your favorite feature. It’s a touch screen, virtual keyboard that’s unlike any other. It’s accurate, easy to use, and the predictive text is so on point that it puts the iPhone’s keyboard to shame.

The keys are large, and the app uses virtual “frets” to separate rows giving you more touchable space for every key. Since the keyboard learns your typing patterns, it will automatically adjust if your fingers hit the wrong key.

There’s no other way to describe the predictive-text feature than to say it’s out of this world. The software predicts your next word and places the prediction directly above the next letter in the word you’re typing, so you can slide up to finish the word.

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BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub is the engine that drives BlackBerry 10 and is the Z10’s standout feature. There you’ll find all your messages and notifications, and it’s easy to access by sliding your thumb up and to the right to take a peek at the Hub.

You can continue the leftward motion if you want to display the entire Hub on your home screen. When you’re finished checking your notifications, you can slide back to the right and return to whatever you were doing before.

The best part is that it filters your notifications and messages so you’ll only see the things you want to see. There are some developer apps that integrate with the Hub to make it bigger and better than anything iOS has to offer.

The Blackberry Z10 undeniably brings a lot to the table, making this a surprisingly close contest. Your choice must be based on your unique needs, but if you’re looking for a phone that’s equipped to handle business and personal needs, then you might want to give the BlackBerry Z10 a second look.

Author Bio: Greg West is a business owner of many years. He enjoys sharing what he has learned by blogging online.

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