You Will Be Soon Able to Get Rid of That Temporary Birthday WhatsApp Group

It’s a common practice to create WhatsApp groups for a surprise birthday party or to plan a trip with friends and it’s also common to leave those groups deserted when the purpose is fulfilled. To ensure this no longer happens, WhatsApp is now planning to add a new feature, which will help you be a part of the group temporarily so that you don’t have to stick around for long.

WhatsApp Testing Expiring Groups

WhatsApp is testing the new Expiring Groups feature, which will help you have a temporary group and set up an expiration date for a group so that you can get rid of it when needed. The feature is being tested as part of the WhatsApp for iOS beta update version

It is revealed that soon there will be an ‘Expiring Groups’ option as part of a group’s settings, enabling which will help you to decide on an expiration timeline for the group. You will be able to choose from a day, a week, or a custom date, depending on your needs.

Once the limit is reached, you will be prompted to exit the group. And if you want to keep a group forever, you can simply turn it off or remove the expiration date. A screenshot has been shared to show what this will be like and here’s a look at it.

WhatsApp Expiring Groups
Image: WABetaInfo

It is worth noting that this option is meant for individual users and won’t apply to every member of the group. Basically, it would be your personal choice and others will or won’t follow. This is an interesting addition for you to declutter your WhatsApp and save some storage too by deleting the groups that no longer serve their purpose.

Yet again, this is a beta feature and there’s no word on when it will be available for all. Meanwhile, the messaging platform is also testing Newsletters, the ability to avoid spam calls, and much more. We will keep you posted on when these WhatsApp features will make their cut, so, stay tuned. Do let us know how you feel about WhatsApp’s Expiring Groups in the comments below.

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