Someone Already Got iPhone Mirroring to Work on macOS Sequoia and I Want It Too

At the WWDC 2024 Keynote event, Apple announced the latest Mac operating system, macOS 15 Sequoia. The next-gen macOS boasts some super useful features that Mac users have been waiting for quite a time now. One of the most useful and exciting macOS Sequoia features is iPhone Mirroring, which lets you fully access and engage with your iPhone, right from your Mac. It brings an impressive level of iPhone functionality to the Mac desktop. Unarguably, iPhone Mirroring is one of the best Mac features Apple has released in recent years.

Apple built a new app, the iPhone Mirroring app, that lets you connect your iPhone with iOS 18 to your macOS Sequoia Mac. During the Keynote event, Apple showed a demo that literally took a click to mirror an iPhone to a Mac. Of course, you need Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi connection to let this magic happen. The iPhone displays a message that mirroring is live. On the Mac, there’s the iPhone screen.

Ever since Apple announced this feature, Mac users have been more than excited to try it out. Unfortunately, since the macOS 15 Sequoia is currently in beta, some of its features are either missing or aren’t working properly. And, that’s the case with iPhone mirroring. Mac users can’t find the iPhone Mirroring app. Some say it’s hidden while others say it’s completely missing.

While the app is available on macOS Sequoia beta, it is hidden. You can unhide it by pressing Command + Shift + . (period key). However, the app doesn’t run and throws an error upon opening.

While users are still figuring out if there’s any way to unlock iPhone Mirroring on macOS Sequoia, an Infosec user was already able the run the app and it’s working smoothly for them. Going by the username, they have enabled the iPhone mirroring feature in macOS Sequoia.

It’s more than clever how this user had the iPhone Mirroring app running. They explicitly mentioned that you need to do some special work on the iPhone side, and that’s the secret sauce. In their previous tweets, they mentioned that there were several loops and hoops to make this feature work.

At the moment, the iPhone mirroring feature doesn’t seem to be ready for one-click use. Apple has to make some refinements so we can actually use it. While it’s certain that the feature will be available in macOS Sequoia and iOS 18, we don’t know what versions are going to offer this.

I just can’t wait to mirror my iPhone on my Mac. I can interact with my iPhone & its apps using my Mac’s keyboard and trackpad, easily drag and drop files between my iPhone & Mac, play iPhone games on my MacBook, and do much more.

Did you find the iPhone Mirroring app in your Mac’s Dock? Have you installed macOS Sequoia Developer Beta? Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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  • Dave Keys says:

    Definitely missing. Only handoff and airDROP are available. 2018 Mac Mini, OS15.

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