Kashmir, off late has been garnering a lot of headlines in India and Pakistan for different reasons all together.

While there’s the young Bilawal Bhutto who’s trying to shape his political career by making aggressive statements on Kashmir, there’s India trying to revamp the valley after the catastrophic floods.

In a recent turn of events, Bilawal Bhutto was welcomed to “Kashmir Million March” in central London. The march was organized to have a peaceful protest against the human injustice taking place in Kashmir by Indian forces.

Here are some selected tweets that let you know the anger towards India in general in Kashmir Million March.

Although, some media reports have stated the march to be a success others have completely refrained from it. As soon as Bilawal Bhutto starting chanting his political objectives on stage, some people had enough of him and starting booing him. Even shoes,tomatoes, eggs and bottles were thrown at him.

Here is an uncut video showing how the whole incident transpired.

The effect was so strong that #BhaagBilloBhaag became an instant top trend on Twitter in Pakistan.

Here are some selected tweets on the same.

The Kashmir Million March didn’t achieve its objective it was set out to be. It was curtailed by the internal politics of Pakistan.

India and Pakistan’s relationship is going to turmoil of its own. It’s hard to imagine these two nations were once blossomed together.

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